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In January 1998, there were 2 different SPC RPG groups on AOL. I formed a "AOL SPC Fanclub" the main purpose of which was to get Pizza Cats news to members of both RPGs, as well as any SPC fans who were not into RPGs. Both RPGs had their own updates that went out now and then before this, which, along with RPG news sometimes also had other SPC news and links.

As this Fanclub grew, I decided to open it to everyone, which meant making a separate version of the newsletter for e-mail systems that didn't support the features on AOL's e-mail. About this time, I also had a contest to rename the newsletter, and Scout Luna won with "Pizza Cats Review".

Later, AOL 4.0 came out and had some cool e-mail features that allowed sending e-mail to others with AOL4.0 that was almost like a small web page. So, each month I had to make a regular version, and a "extra toppings" AOL 4.0 version. Where possible, I'll use the AOL 4.0 version in the archive, since it's got more to it.

Keep in mind that old issues of the newsletter will have some outdated information and broken links of pages that have moved or aren't around anymore. And sometimes we've written things that we later find out to be mistakes, like in one issue I wrongly identify some of the NY Pizza cats characters. I've tried not to change the old issues, with the exception of adding a link, where possible, to the picture that was mailed with each issue.

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Pizza Cats Review comes out once a month. To subscribe, e-mail If you are with AOL, be sure to say if you want the regular or the AOL 4.0+ version.

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