Love Interests of the Pizza Cats

Hi guys. Polly here. Just wanted to get a few things straight about the love interests in my show The Samurai Pizza Cats. I just want to start by saying that it's ironic I'm writing this article...those of you who know can probably guess why that is but NEways... I know there are a lot of pages out there with articles like this but this is the true one. First off... we'll start with Princess Vi.

Princess Vi

It is very obvious that Violet is in love with Bad Bird. I mean, she wants to marry him but there is only one problem. Poor Bad Bird doesn't want to have anything to do with her. (They make this clear in the Manga^^) I wouldn't either if I was in love with someone else. So now we head onto...

Bad Bird

Bad Bird, the evil ninja crow turned good because of his love for Carla. To bad Violet doesn't see this though...poor Bad Bird is the dream hunk of her fantasies and she'll stop at nothing to have him as her husband. Even if it involves chaining him up so he can't escape. Now onto the real controversy...the 3 main characters and Francine.

Speedy Cerviche

Speedy Cerviche.. the so called "fearless" leader who is just a tad too short and tad too cowardly. Who is he in love with? Is it Polly Ester or Lucille? Well, if you ask me, I'd have to say he's in love with both of them. After all he did confess his love for Polly in TGCC but yet in the Manga he's still obsessed with Lucille even though Guido seems to have "won her heart" more or less... or from what I got from it anyway =P

Guido Anchovy

The wild romantic rover, who is he in love with? No one. He's just a big flirt and charmer. He only really goes after Lucille because he knows it ticks Speedy off ... and every now and then you even catch him trying to charm Polly which ends up with him being clobbered a few times... he's just a typical male stereotype of the 90's.

Polly Ester

Polly, the she cat of love but does she really love anyone? Well, she did confess her love for Speedy but could she possibly have a small crush on Guido as well? I mean she gets extremely ticked off when they're paying more attention to Lucille then her... especially when it involves Guido but she pretty much treats Speedy the same way so once again who really knows?

Francine/Bat Cat

The last 2 characters to analyze are Fran and Bat Cat. Francine at once was in love with a deer named Bucky but that ended up in shambles of course Fran didn't seem to disappointed about it either...however in the Manga. her and Bat Cat sure do spend a lot of time together once the plot got going (whatever the plot was... I only got the just of it..^^) and also in a few episodes they show it... not a whole lot but a little bit they do...

(Personally, I think it's just that Bat Cat's ability to fly made him the only one who could help Fran when she needed it in the manga-Vi)

Last month, we asked- "If you lived in Little Tokyo, which character from the show would you have a crush on?"

Guido because he's so gullible and would probably do anything for his girlfriend^^ Not to mention he's kind of cute...

If I lived in Little Tokyo, I would have a crush on Ruby because she doesn't
explode, doesn't hit people with frying pans
(Hey.. I resent that =P -Polly), doesn't exile people at will, doesn't make terrible jokes at blastoff, isn't a clown, doesn't greet people with a bazooka, doesn't fire a bigger gun than any I have, isn't an extra,
isn't a hideous mechanism of mindless brutality, isn't a man dressed as a
woman, isn't Princess Vi's very ugly nanny (now in exile), and I think that
covers all the females on the show. So it's Ruby by default really.

Well, I've always thought you, Princess are pretty cute and very beautiful, so I would place you at the top. Polly makes an almost equal tie,
(Equal? I could get to like that ^^ -Polly) followed by Francine and Lucille. And while there's no crush relationship, Big Cheese would be another character I'd like for a Valentine.

Polly. duh. ^_^ actually I like Vi too, she's cute, but she's a brat (no offense)...Guido is cute too..hehe.
(Now there is a smart kid =) -Polly)

Boy, if I had a crush on somebody in Little Tokyo it would have to be.....Polly! I like Polly's voice, it's funny but lovable. And her attitude HOO MAMA! I like a girl that's sassy ;)! I also like the way that they drew her. She has a nice face; kind and gentle, but also mean. I like her outfit too. And that's it.
( sure do know the best when ya see them don't you? ^_~ -Polly)

For me, it would be Bad Bird/Karamaru. ^^

I've always had a crush on Francine, she's just so darned cute! I even think it's cute the way she gets so greedy.

I didn't use all the responses we got, but Polly & Guido easily get the most hearts pumping among their fans. -Vi

New Pizza Cats Game
From: Ribby
The Ultimate Samurai Pizza Cats Quiz is a game for the freeware program
Kamishibai, available at You MUST have the viewer in order to download any stories!! When you've downloaded the viewer (which will take a while,) run it and it will create a folder called "Stories" and have a few extras in the Kamishibai directory as well. When you download USPCQ, download it into the Kamishibai directory, NOT the "Stories" folder, and run it (it's a self-extracting file.) This makes it go into the right place. When you've finished, load up Kamishibai, and on New Game, click on "The Ultimate Samurai
Pizza Cats Quiz." Good luck!

If you liked that quiz, I might do fact, I'm honing my
skills right now and I'm doing a little magical girl cartoon for
Ribby ~@-@~
(Ribby's game is at, but you need the Kamishibai program to run it. I hope more SPC fans do some work with this program. -Vi)

Samurai Pizza Cats has never been on in Italy, but a fan living there is working on changing that. R.Whittaker has started, to promote the show to Italian anime fans (there are a lot of them), and get some interest going. The web site has just opened, and there's not much to it right now, but you can see it at

Holland is the place to be for SPC fans, it's been on there for years. You can see SPC in the Netherlands on the Dutch Fox Kids channel every weekday at 9.40am, Central European Time.

Ardwight Chamberlain: SPC writer-Babylon 5 star?
Someone on the newsgroup asked if Ardwight Chamberlain who wrote some SPC episodes, was the same Ardwight Chamberlain who played Kosh in Babylon 5.
The answer is, "Probably"
Ardwight also wrote for Beetleborgs and Technoman before leaving Saban to look for a better job. SPC producer Andy Thomas says, "I wasn't sure if he also performed ADR (ADR= Additional Dialog Record or Actors Dialog Record) on other shows, but it wouldn't be surprising. If he did it may have helped his writing too, and have led to on-screen performing."

SPC voices
from Andy Thomas
A lot of the people involved in SPC are seen or heard in many other programs.
This is especially true of the voices. All the sound effects and music was recorded in Burbank, but the actors all lived and recorded in Montreal at the
Cinar facility. (More affordable costs up there spurred that decision.)
That's why you hear Sonya Ball on so many shows ... lots of programs send
their voice work to Canada because of the cheaper rates and package deals.
Sonya was a favorite at Cinar and was assigned a lot of roles.

The only voice recorded in the USA was the theme song performed by Michael Airington (who wrote "Gender Bender Butterflies") using the "Paul Lynn" voice he used to perform on stage as an opening act for Nell Carter and others. His approach was then copied in Canada to become the voice of Big Cheese.

You can really tell that the SPC voices were recorded in Canada. It was a
constant complaint of ours that they used Canadian pronunciations of such
words as "pasta", making it rhyme with "has ta"!

Pizza Cats Facts
In "Mission to Manhattan," all 3 cats are fired from the cannon in one shot.

From Leota
>In "The Case of the Bogus Billionaire" when the team is accosted by
>Rude Noise, the "radio bolted to a table playing Barry Manilow" is
>actually a kotasu, an under-the-table heater. Traditional Japanese
>homes have these built into their tables and have thick blankets >around
>them. In winter, they are a center of family life. And if you know
>cats, they would probably LOVE to sit under those. (I seem to recall >an
anime ghost cat called Kotasu-neko.) -Ribby

Actually, it's a "kotatsu", not kotasu. Yeah, yeah, that probably was just a
typo or something.. If it was just a typo, sorry Ribby. ^^; The ghost kitty
that she's most likely referring to is Kotatsuneko from Rumiko Takahashi's
manga and anime, Urusei Yatsura. Kotatsuneko would frequently join Cherry
(that crazy monk) for meals set up at his kotatsu because his previous
owners wouldn't let him near their kotatsu when he was still alive.

A Song
From Phillip Gargiulo
It is to the music of the show.

We want the Pizza Cats OH YEAH
Who do you call when you want those little kitties?
We want the Pizza Cats SABAN
It is the best show, and you know that ain't bologna
There's the S-O-P-C they're leading the cause, of people who want the
heroes with the paws.
Other groups have joined the fight; they also want cats that have a
Some of these sites, to name a few, is the S.O.S they're also sending
letters too.
We want the pizza cats MEOW
They're so cool; we'd rather watch them than to school.
They're better than Sailor Moon
Better than Sailor Moon!
Put them back on the air
Oh! My the air
Or we'll be in a flair
Yeah! A flair!
We want them backů
All over the world!
Four Three Two One Pizza Cats are really fun!
Now, listen SABAN and we won't get mad, we want those cats back really
You got a lot of shows out and know of them are rotten,
But the Pizza Cats is one that I know will top'em.
So give the show back yes-sir-re and make come soon!
We'll have patience as long as we're under the moon!
We want the Pizza Caaaaaaaaats

Catchy.. I like it. =) -Polly)

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Featured Character
We were going to start our "Featured Character" section this month, but we are still collecting information (and this issue has also gotten kinda big already). So if you have some trivia or information about one of the characters from the show, please send it in.

This Month's Picture
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