SPC making a comeback in Europe
SPC has returned to France. The French dubbed version is currently running on Fox Kids in France.
Pizza Cats is currently showing in Poland. Not much information is available at this time, but some satellite dish owners have been able to pick it up on PolSat. As far as I know it would be in English with Polish subtitles.
There's some confusion over when and if the cats will be on in Italy. The Fox Kids Italy website which featured SPC has disappeared, although it's said to have been on, there's no certain news about it's current status. Maybe Fox is having trouble getting things going in Italy.

Pizza, Japanese Style!
Ever wonder what pizza in Japan is like? What sort of strange topping would the Pizza Cats use on their pizzas? Check out the "Japanese Pizza Page"
Some Pizza topping used in Japan that are not commonly seen elsewhere include Squid ink, octopus, mayonnaise, tuna, and seaweed.

Featured Character: Francine

Name: Francine
Japanese Name: Otama
Voice Actress: Pauline Little (SPC) Koorogi Satomi (KNT)
Family: Fran's Mom is mentioned once (In "Bad Bird Uncaged" part 2, she says "I'd come, but Mum doesn't let me fly.")
Occupation: Works at the pizza parlor (Manager)
Likes: Money, rhyming, Catman comics, Bucky
Dislikes: slackers
Weapons/abilities: The Pizza Parlor's cannon, boxing gloves (Bad Bird Uncaged part 2). The only one of the Little Tokyo cats who can operate the launching cannon, manages the pizza parlor.

Francine may be the most valuable, yet most taken for granted, member of the Pizza Cats. Sure, the others go out and fight the robots, Ninja Crows, and such, but look at all the work she does at the parlor while the Cats are gone! She works as a cashier, operates the launching cannon, takes orders over the phone, hands out the paychecks, etc. With the other three cats gone, how does she do it?! And even when the others are at the parlor, Polly is usually pounding the guys for slacking off or flirting with
Francine has a line in every episode, even if she only makes a brief appearance. This is due to the fact that she says those little rhymes before each launch of the cannon. She gets some of her talent on the control panel from when she took piano lessons from Mrs. Schwartz. But her musical talents don't help her when it comes to accuracy. She often misses her target when firing the cats out of the cannon, sending them in walls or a hard landing on the ground. In "Gender Bender Butterflies" Fran actually takes part in a battle against one of the Crow's giant robots. Using the launching cannon as a weapon, she fired everything she could get her hands on at the robot, including Lucille when she happened to walk in at the wrong time!
Fran's never been broke, there's not much she likes more than money. She's always looking for ways to turn a profit. If there's anything she likes as much as money it rhyming. Francine almost always talks in rhymes, even when it annoys her team mates.
In an alternate ending to the KNT episodes that wasn't used, it was planned to reveal in the last episode of the show that Otama (Francine) was actually much more rich and powerful than she let people think, and was secretly controlling both the good and bad guys, it all being just a game to her.

By Tigriss
We all know how annoyed Bad Bird gets when the Pizza Cats do their intros.
It was a samurai-era tradition in Japan to introduce yourself to your opponent before fighting; bushido etiquette I suppose. So they're just keeping the tradition alive, much to Bad Bird's chagrin ^_^
The cats aren't the only ones who like to introduce themselves before battle, Team Rocket, the Sailor Scouts, and others are also known for their introductions.

This Month's Picture
Hmm, let me dig through my files and see what I have to show you this month...
Here we go! It's the cover of one of the Pizza Cats videos released in the UK. Unlike the "Pizza Cats Movie" released in the USA, this video has the first 4 episodes of the show. Thanks to MWDD for sending the scan!

Bye Bye
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