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April 19th marked the one year anniversary of my "Princess Vi's Spiffy Diffy Web page". I did a lot of work on my web sites to mark the occasion, so stop by if you haven't.

More & more people are writing in to Saban asking for the return of the Pizza Cats to TV, if you haven't already, get to it! Every letter really counts. You see, when a big business like Saban gets a letter from someone, they look at it as expressing the view of many other people who feel the same way, but are too lazy to write. The usual figure is; 1 letter = the opinion of about 100 people, because only 1 out of 100 people will usually take time to write in about how they feel. So, as you can see, your letter does matter, because you speak for about 100 lazy people!
We also need to get the word out to our fellow SPC fans. A lot of them would like to help, but don't know how, or even know that they can do something. So if you know other Pizza Cats fans, help spread the word. Tell them about Samurai Saving Time or S.O.S. (Save Our Samurai) and SPC FOREVER. Or just tell them to write in themselves if the don't have web access, Saban's address is:
Saban Entertainment, Inc.
10960 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Pizza Cats video on the WWW
If you are not fortunate enough to have taped the Samurai Pizza Cats episodes, or who wonder what the original Japanese show, Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, was like, you're in luck. Now you can download video clips from the show on your computer. Of course, you'll need a computer than can handle video, you can download the software free.
The Worldwide Pizza Cats Association Video Archive has a collection of clips from SPC, and the opening credits for KNT in MPEG video. There's a link to download a MPEG player there if you need one, but most computers running WIN95 will have a MPEG player already.

Pizza Cat Facts
From: CRGalvatron@aol.com
All right, the first two are confirmed, and the other is a guess.
Rick Jones did voice over work for Fox's Ninja Turtles:TNMT commercials from 97 to early 98, not to mention commercials for the toys too. What's-er-face, Polly's voice (My knowledge of Canadian voice actors varies) did voice over work for a Quilted commercial, at least I think it was. It was some kind of napkin.;/ And finally,Rick Jones,this is a guess,was on a commercial for Chi-Chi's a think...it's the one that features a Mexican band and the lead singer sings "La,La,La. something Al
passo. Hey let's go hit a pinyata!". And I'm sure it's Rick Jones

Well, nice bunch of guessing, CRGalvtron. "What's-er-face" who did Polly's voice is Sonja Ball. All of the voice actors for SPC are Canadians, and it's not uncommon to run across them watching Canadian dubbed toons & kid's shows. The kid's show "Kitty Cats" (which was originally made in French for Quebec, then dubbed into English) features many SPC voice actors. Rick Jones was the voice of Guido, Terrence Scammel did the voice of Speedy. Pauline Little did the voices of Francine & Vi (most of the voice actors do more than one voice, these are just the ones I have matched up so far). Other voice actors from SPC are Dean Hagopian, Michael O'Reilly, Mark Camacho, A.J. Henderson, and Suzanne Glover. Who did what voices, I don't know, it's not mentioned in the credits. The only way to find out is if you recognize a voice from SPC on another show, then match of the voice with the name on the credits of that show. -Vi

From: SalrSun@aol.com
OK...you know the series "two guys, a girl, and a pizza place" ? Well, when I think of that I think of Samurai Pizza Cats. Why? Think about it. Two guys= Speedy and Guido. A Girl= Polly, and the pizza place: the emporium!

A lot of people have made that comparison. While others say it's not much like SPC at all. I haven't watched that show myself, so I don't know. -Vi

Here's some more tidbits of Pizza Cats info;
In the Japanese version of the show, Mt. Coochie is called Nekofujiama (Neko=cat Fujiama=Mt. Fuji, famous Japanese mountain)

Yard Bird, the ostrich seen in "Case of the Bogus Billionaire" and with appearances in some other episodes, is a girl in the original series, but in the English version is referred to by Jerry & Big Cheese as "he" (despite the long hair, make up, ect). Why? Who knows, but maybe the writers just though Yard Bird was another cross-dresser... Yard Bird will explode if he/she stops moving.

Changes for the newsletter
Starting this month, I'm expanding the newsletter to people outside of AOL. My reason for keeping it to AOL in the first place was to take full advantage of the features of AOL's e-mail system. The newsletter that goes to non-AOL addresses will be simplified to work on any e-mail system, while the AOL newsletter will stay the same. If you know some SPC fans you think would like this newsletter, tell them to write to me, all they need to do is say the want to subscribe to the Pizza Cats newsletter. (Don't mail me and ask me to add someone to the list, they need to contact me themselves)

So far, only 2 people have asked for the AOL 4.0 version, which isn't really enough for me to bother with yet. If you have AOL 4.0, let me know and I'll put you on the list for the AOL 4.0 version. If I can even get just 5 people who want it, it will be worth my time to make a 4.0 newsletter.

By the way, be sure to tell me if you change your e-mail address.

For all you new people, this isn't just my newsletter, anyone who wants to can write an article, send in a bit of trivia for the Pizza Cat Facts, or send in any SPC news I also don't mind promoting your web site for you. I'd prefer it was a Pizza Cats site, but as long as it is at least anime/toon related, it's OK.

Mailing Lists
Scout Luna has a great mailing list for Sailor Moon fans:
ררר Scout Luna's Sailor Senshi Sending ררר
Just e-mail her, "Scout Luna@aol.com" with "Subscribe" in the subject & she'll do the rest. I'm willing to promote other people's anime/toon related mailing lists, as long as they meet my standards. One of the standards is that it is sent out "BCC," like this newsletter, to prevent the wrong people from getting a big list of addresses to send chain letters & junk to. I also require a bit of quality, and no smutty language.

Yattaro's SPC page
SPCats Screen Captures
Dan's Pizza Cat Page
Good Birds SPC Page

This month's attachment
It's a picture of a bunch of extremely rare Pizza Cats toys! Don't you wish you could go out & buy them all right now!? Well, you can't ... sorry. They were never sold in the USA, and in places like the UK where they were sold, they are still very rare and almost impossible to find. To read more about the toys, go to S.S.T. News.
Picture provided by Ted Sheppard, do not use without permission!
See you next month!