Leave a Comment about SPC
By Francine
I just found a little somthin' where you can leave comments about
Samurai Pizza Cats, the cartoon. currently there are three
comments, but I think if there are enough, it will be an assist in
getting the show back on the air. the address is:

(I've discovered it may take a few days for your comments to get added to the page. -Vi)

Purrcat, admin of the Pizza Cats fan's server Edoropolis.Org, will be away for about a week and a half during July. Those of you who have web pages or who visit some of the many Pizza Cats web pages hosted there should be aware that if there are any problems during this time, well, you'll just have to live with it until he gets back.

Gundam & SPC
By Speedy9848
I don't know if you've already posted this but when the Pizza Cats go into extra-topping mode, they bear shocking resemblance to the popular Japanese anime Gundam (my brother and I collect and build Gundam models). Also, the Great Catotonic looks just like a Gundam, except for the face.

SPC Tape Auction
By Violet
I'm sure whoever was selling this copy of the "Pizza Cats Movie" (which most SPC fans know is just the first and last 2 episodes of the TV show put together) was very happily surprised when the copy sold for $46 on eBay. The video would have most likely gotten $10-$15, had the sale not been mentioned on the SPC mailing list, sending a score of SPC fanatics to offer ridiculous prices to get the treasured tape.
While most SPC fans would or could not pay so much for this tape, I think the more fanatical among us could understand a fan who might not have any episodes on tape to watch may be willing to pay top dollar for the chance to have the Pizza Cats on his or her TV.

Little Tokyo Times Online
http://ltt.cjb.net/ updated

SPCats Screen Captures
http://www.newwave.net/~dlstone/spc.html updated
(Tons of pics!)

SPC Fan Comics
http://www.edoropolis.org/sampizzacat/ updated

Jance's Pizza Cat Page!
http://www2.crosswinds.net/rochester/~jancemace/ updated

Guido's Page of Useless but Cool Stuff
http://www.stormloader.com/guidodan/index.html Moved again!!
(That he has. He's trying to confuse us all. Ain't that right GD? ^^ -Polly)

Pizza Cats Facts
The sign on Lucille's tea shop says "Mitsu-chan"

Gatos Samurai en Mexico
Qbeto, a Pizza Cats fan in Mexico, sent me this list of the character's Spanish names:
Speedy Service - Speedy Ceviche (mmm... ˇI like the Ceviche!)
Polly Esther - Same
Guido Anchovy - Guido Anchoa
Francine - Same
Lucille - Same
Bad Bird - Pajaro Malo
Big Cheese - Gran Quesote
Al Dente - Dientón
Emperor Fred - Emperador Fredd
Princess Violet - Princesa Violeta
Ninja Crows - Cuervos Ninja
Mama & Junior - Mama y Paquito
Batcat - Batigato
General Catton - General Gatón
Supreme Cattatonic - Gatatonico Supremo

The others are then same in English or Spanish
*Actually, it's "Ceviche" in the English version too, although "Service" was used in the Saban "Powerhouse" comicbook, making it one of several "Official spellings" -Vi

This Month's Featured Character:
Seymore Cheese, "Big" Cheese
Japanese name: Koon no Kami : Koon = bark of fox
full name: Kitunezuka Koon no Kani ma
Koon no Kami is a fox in the Japanese version, and a rat in the English version. If this was done on purpose because it makes more sense to have cat vs rat, or, on mistake because his nose makes him look a bit like a rat, and it was too late to change him to a fox by the time they found out, is not known. Either way, he was changed back to a fox when the show was dubbed into other languages.
Prime minister of Little Tokyo, he ranks second in power and wealth only to the royal family. It's his greatest wish to change that and become the ruler of Little Tokyo.
Cheese comes from a large international family of criminals.

He owns more women's clothing, shoes, and make up than anyone else on the show.
When he loses his temper, his power plant over loads causing him to explode, a trait shared with his relatives.
Likes: cheerleading, crossdressing, power
Dislikes: losing
The Big Cheese was really touched when the Wicked Witch of the West melted (Big Cheese Shows his Filmy Substance)
He has "appeared in many amateur productions, both here and in the provences." (Candid Kitty),was going to be in the broadway musical "Sound of Music"
The Big Cheese is trying to take Minnie Mouse's place (Gender Bender Butterflies)
He can fly by spinning his tail, although he is only seen doing this once. (Great Comet Caper)

Polly Ester's Shrine's Anniversary!
By: SPCPolly
Polly Ester's Shrine ( http://www.edoropolis.org/spcpolly/index.html) is officially (more or less ^^) 1 years old! It also has been organized better. I have the Midi section back up with links that actually work. I also have a SPC Voting Booth called Polly's Little Voting Pagoda which is at http://www.freevote.com/booth/pollyester Where there will be a different SPC Poll every month. So be sure to go there and vote! =) Well.. that's about it. I'm also still looking for more Polly fanart. So send it on my way. SPCPolly@aol.com.

Scout Luna's "Sailor Soldier Sending"
If you are a Sailor Moon fan using AOL4.0, you'll like this newsletter. Doesn't look as good without AOL 4.0, but it's still cool.
Write to ScoutLuna@aol.com

This Month's Picture
You never know where the Big Cheese will pop up.

That's it for this month. Next month's featured character will be Speedy, so send me your Speedy facts and trivia. And, while you enjoy your summer, don't forget the Cats need your help to get back on TV! keep those e-mails and letters going!

Well, I hope you liked this issue. See ya next month!