Hello, and welcome to the first issue of our newsletter! First I want to say a few things about the AOL SPC fan club; Why is it for AOL only? 1) We can do stuff in our e-mail news letter like send a link, if I were to send this outside of AOL, it wouldn't show up on every ISP, so I would have to write in the URL like this, http://members.aol.com/PrncssVi/Hello.html, then you would have to copy it to your browser to see it. 2) If we want, we can meet in a chat room or by IM 3)We can access the Cartoon Network World Message Boards Also, alot of people, especially kids and people new to the internet, may not know about or be able to get to some of the other Pizza Cats resources on the net. This will let people find out about these, and provide some info and resources for those who's net access may be restricted. If you are getting 2 copies of this newsletter, are listed twice under different screen names, or don't want to stay in the fan club for some reason, let me know, and I'll remove the SN/extra SN. If you got a newsletter with a file attached, and don't want files attached in the future, let me know, and I'll put you on the no files list. Pizza Cats News As you should know by now, Samurai Pizza Cats is no longer on TV in the United States. But you can help change that. Stop by Samurai Saving Time for more info. Robotech is on Cartoon Network now because fans of that show wrote in & asked for it. Pizza Cats Facts The voice actors of SPC are all Canadians, you can sometimes hear them on other Canadian made/dubbed kids shows & cartoons. Speedy's last name is Cerviche (also sometimes spelled "Ceviche" depending on what part of the world you're from) which is a type of marinated fish popular in latin cultures. (In the Saban Power House Comics, it's spelled "Service". Everyone wants "Speedy Service" when they order a pizza!) There are currently about 124 web pages about the Pizza Cats. There are 12 episodes of Pizza Cats in English which have not been shown on TV in the United States yet. The original Pizza Cats was made in Japan as Kyatto Ninden Teyande (sometimes spelled differently) The Saban version, produced by Andrew Thomas, was rewritten in English, then translated into French, Spanish, & German (Maybe other languages too). Tatsunko studios, where Pizza Cats was animated, also made Speed Racer (they've improved alot since then...) Big Cheese blows up when he gets mad because his power supply overloads when he loses his temper. The names of the Crows in the Rude Noise are -Bad Max (AKA Crow Magnon), Cannonball Battley, Mojo Rojo and Ronnie Geismuller Meowsma (the rescue team cat with the drills) is married. (He says so in "Terror of Prisoner Island") Send me your Pizza Cats facts for the next issue! Pizza Cats Resourses Pzario's Pizza cats page Very big SPC page with lots of pics. Pizza Cat Fan Art Have some SPC art you did, and no web page of your own? Send them here! alt.tv.pizzacats(Newsgroup, for those of you familiar with those) SPC Labs A cool SPC page with character info, fan fic, and pics Samurai Pizza Cat's Episode Guide A list of all the episodes, including those not seen in the USA Princess Vi's Page My page, all about me Samurai Pizza Cats Web Vault A nice page with lots of pics Speedy's Samurai Pizza Cats WWW Hall of Fame A big page with links to stuff on other pages, and SPC info This is your Newsletter If you have any Pizza Cats news, trivia, articlies, want to announce something Pizza Cats related (maybe tell people about your SPC web page) send it to me, Violet. My Screen Name is "PrncssVi" This month's picture Is a nice picture of Polly by Expresso01, please do not use it for anything without asking him for permission. -Violet