The Great Comet Caper
The Great Comet Caper, a 2 part episode that was the series finale, is certainly the most popular episode with fans who have seen it. (Sadly, many SPC fans didn't discover the show in time to see every episode, so some of you have missed out. I won't go into too much detail and spoil it for you.)
Why is this? Well, all Pizza Cats episodes are funny, including this one, but The Great Comet Caper also has a serious side that appeals to many fans who really care for the characters. In fact, it has just about everything! Humor, romance, action, special effects... And just about every character makes an appearance, even if it's only brief.
For me, it's also a bit sad, kinda like saying "good-bye" to a friend, since I know it's the last episode (well, there was one clip show after it, not shown in the USA, but it's not a real episode). But, back when it was on TV, the next day, episode #1 was on, and we got to start all over.
Many writers of SPC fan fiction set their stories to take place after The Great Comet Caper, even the famous Pizza Cats Manga by T. Souma takes place after the end of the series. So, in that way, the Pizza Cat's story doesn't end with the last episode.

Since the holidays are coming up, I've asked some SPC fans what gift they would like to get for their favorite characters:
From SPCPolly
I'd give Polly Ester a titanium frying pan so the pain will be 10X worse for
Guido and Speedy.

I'd give Guido Anchovi a book titled "101 ways how to be a real ladies tom cat"

Well, if Polly is getting a new frying pan, I think Speedy and Guido need helmets that actually can withstand the hits.

The current helmets don't seem to be doing a good enough job as they always end up with lumps coming through them. Just look at Speedy's helmet when Vi throws her binoculars at him.

Jerry needs an electric shaver - If I was him I wouldn't let Cheesy cut my the hair on my beak.

From FDemps5138
Princess Violet would get a new kimono with bunny designs on it, a new crown with a golden Carrot. I would get her a model of the Palace with model glue so it doesn't fall apart like the other one did. Also she would get a bazooka so she'll do better when the Empress challenges her.

Francine would get a dart board with darts in the shapes of the SPCs (to improve her accuracy when launching them)

Speedy, Polly, Guido
get mini robots that connect to the Gooney birds (so they can fly and be protected)

If they have any friends who know Pizza Cats & Samurai Pizza Cats but don't know that they're
the same, they would each get 2 presents.
~ ~

Lucille gets a new set of missiles, but these will
shoot up in the air and make Fireworks!

Big Cheese would get some fans that open easier because he can never get them to open

Bad Bird would get a pair of the rocket shoes the pizza cats use to deliver on foot (So he can keep up with them)

From GuidoAnchovy16
I'd send Speedy Cerviche some platform shoes.

From Jance
I would give a bond to Fran, so she could get rich, quick.
Speedy, well I would probably give him a free trip to a hospital, since
he's always getting hurt.
I would give Fred a scat singing lesson, so he can have a good
Vi would receive a book on stress management.
Polly too.

From IBurry
Francine - a winning lottery ticket and a new calculator to help add up all her
new found wealth

Guido - a book on how to pick up girls. I'm convinced he doesn't really know

Speedy - a clue. he needs one

Vi - a new island. Prisoners and Extras gotta be pretty full by now.

Polly - Hmmm, I dunno. The respect of her coworkers? An indestructible
boyfriend? Neither are likely. I'll have to think about that more

From Shadow
for Guido it is easy.......a year supply or cologne
for Polly a lifetime supply of pans......or at least one that does not bend
mysteriously :)
for Speedy I would give him a better set of armor so Lucille will not hurt

From Christopher P. Cat
Probably a ball of yarn or 3 to start out...I pretty much guess this is
one of the gifts. Remember "Case of the Bogus Billionaire"?

From Pzario
Polly: A year subscription to the "Frying pan of the month club" (a new
frying pan each month to club Speedy and Guido with, starting in January
with the German Whackmister :)

Speedy: A compass, so he will always know which direction is not quite north
and not quit east.

Guido: More fingernail brushes (maybe now he can appreciate a good gift)

Francine: A 32-bit version of that old 8-bit aiming program she uses for the
cannon to help her aim.

Lucille: Christmas missiles that explode in snowflake patters and shoot
candy cane shrapnel!

Princess Vi: A Yack Back with the volume boosted to 11 programmed with "IM SENDING YOU TO PRISONER ISLAND!" as one of the buttons (to save her voice :)

Big Cheese: An Avon Makeup gift pack

Jerry Atric: Lovin' Spoonful albums to replace the ones the cats destroyed

Bad Bird: A book of "101 Dirty Tricks and Evil Plans" (he need it :)

From me
Speedy: A gift certificate for that fancy restaurant so he won't run out of money on his dates.
Guido: His own cellular cat bell so girls can call him while he's at work
Polly: A scratching post to practice her technique on
Francine: Money
Fred: A selection of fans
Violet: Carrot cake
Al: A box of chocolate covered dog biscuits
Seymour: A "Victoria's Secret" catalogue and gift certificate.
Jerry: One of those chairs with the built in back massager from "Wet and Wild Weekend"
Bad Bird: A vacation away from the cats and Big Cheese
Lucille: Some fancy rockets that will explode in different colors (oops, someone else already got her that! Calm down, Lucille!)

Pizza Cats Facts
from Tigriss
I was watching an RV of "Mattiju Osushi da! Panic da!" (If You Knew Sushi
Like I Know Sushi) and when Pururun (Polly) did her cat-beckoning attack, (Passion Paws Power in SPC)I found out it is called "(Nyankii Nimpo) Neko Maneki" translating to "Cat Invitation" or "Cat Beckoning", depending on how you define it.

On part of Big Al's uniform, there is the Japanese character "dai" which
means either: "large size", "big", or "serious". Any of them seem to suit
him. (That can also be read as "O", like on the flag on the palace which says "O-Edo" = Big Edo = Edo-ropolis. the "O" is to show something is important, and doesn't always refer to size -Vi)

"Karamaru" (Bad Bird's Japanese name) was also listed in the dictionary meaning "to become entangled in".

No Featured Character
Sorry, no featured character this issue. It's big enough already, and anyway, I need a holiday too!

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Un-dubbed KNT episode
Want to see and episode of KNT that was never made into a Samurai Pizza Cats episode? Check out:
As far as I know, the 2 episodes that were never made into English are both "clip shows", using parts of old episodes in review to make a new show.

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This is the End!
Well, this will be the last issue of Pizza Cats Review. Until 2000 that is. But don't worry, that's not far away, and if the Y2K panic doesn't bring an end to civilization, the Pizza Cats Review will be out again in January.
=sigh= Too bad the Year of the Rabbit is almost over. Next year is Year of the Dragon, but, more importantly, next year will be the 10th anniversary of Cat Ninden Teyande! Happy Holidays!