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Some people didn't get the picture that was sent with last month's newsletter because of e-mail problems. If you didn't get it, I've uploaded it here for you:$file/pcvid.jpg

"To Be Yourself"
by SuprSaayan
On Princess Vi's KNT lyrics page, she said, "And maybe someday some ambitious
fan will translate them for us."

I am that ambitious fan...well, sorta. Okay so I just asked someone to
translate it. She translated the TV version of "To Be Yourself" (The closing theme of Cat Ninden Teyande).
Her name's Megchan and she owns a digimon webpage at So thank her! She also romanized it if you wanna know the japanese lyrics. Here it is, the "To Be Yourself" translation!:

English translation:
I want you to tell me someday
About the pain you feel today
That you can't hold in check
The sunset over the city, please don't make it disappear
The passion of being alone
You want to call out to someone
You've shouted so many times inside your heart, but
You are the only one who can write the story of yourself
So to be yourself
Believe in your dreams
Until you feel like you can't breathe
Upon yourself
The things you worried about
And the energy to smile
The time is waiting for you

itsuka hanashite hoshii no sa osaerarenai
kyou no setsunasa wo
machi wa yuubae kesanaide
hitoribotchi no jounetsu wo
sugu ni koe wo kaketai
mune de nandomo sakebu kedo
kimi no monogatari wa kimi ni shika kakenai sa
dakara to be yourself
yume wo shinjite
iki ga tomarisou na hodo
Upon yourself nayanda koto mo
hohoemu tame no enajii
jidai ga ima kimi wo matte i ru yo

Pizza Cats Tape Exchange
As a service to SPC fans looking for tapes, the SPC Shop has added a tape
exchange board where Pizza Cats fans can let other fans know what tapes they
are looking for and what they have to trade. All non-profit of course.

You can trade SPC/KNT tapes for episodes you need, or you can also trade other
anime tapes for SPC/KNT, or vice versa, as long as part of the trade involves
Pizza Cats tapes, you can use the Tape Exchange.
To prevent Spam or abuse, all trade offers will be e-mailed in and I will add
them to the board myself. I'll need your e-mail address, what you have to
trade, and what you are looking for. People who want to trade can contact you,
then you can deal directly with them, just let me know when your wants change
so I can keep your post updated.
There will also be a section for European/Australian fans to trade tapes in
their video format (PAL).

Manga Library
My manga Library (Part of my Internet Empire) has just been updated to add a bunch of pages from the "Secret of Pizza Cats" dojin book. Included is the "SPC vs KFC" story where the Ninja Crows take on the Pizza Cats in a fast food war.

This Month's Picture
Pizza Cats fans in Japan are still into the show 10 years after it first aired there. This is the cover of a fan book recently printed for the "Comiket" anime convention in Tokyo last month.

That's it?
Yep, kind of a short newsletter this month, but, some big news at least: The lyrics to the popular "To Be Yourself" theme, the Tape Exchange, and a new book released in Japan.
For a lot of you I know this is back to school time. Well, you knew it was coming. I hope you made the most out of summer vacation.