Hello SPC fans, welcome to our 20th issue!
How many other shows could inspire a newsletter that's lasted 20 months starting after the show was off the air? Believe it or not, Pizza Cats fandom is actually growing, because a lot of fans are still discovering that "I'm not the only one who liked that show!" When the show does get back on again, it'll be more popular than it ever was before.

The Samurai Pizza Cat's Petition
From Lil' Polly
The title pretty much sums up what it's all about. I decided to set up a
petition to help the Pizza Cats get back on our TV's. Although a petition
cannot replace all of us writing, begging, demanding, pleading with people
like Saban, a petition may help in the effort of getting Samurai Pizza Cats
back on television. All of the information I get from the petition will
remain strictly confidential; I won't post anyone's personal information
anywhere on the internet. Once I get a sufficient number of names (a number
yet to be determined) I will send the petition off to Saban, Fox Family and
YTV - the three main television contacts concerning Samurai Pizza Cats.
The URL for the petition is at:
Page links for the petition will be located on SST and Samurai Pizza Cats
BUT REMEMBER: Don't stop the writing campaign!

Last month's poll was "Who's the cutest SPC couple?" Well, it turned out you all thought Speedy and Polly were the cutest followed by Guido and Lucille. Frankly I think that Guido and Polly make a cute couple but they came in last so.. ^^; NEways.. the next poll is "Who do you find most annoying?"

The White Cat Network
White Cat has a new web site, it's divided up according to the topic, the Pizza Cats section is at http://www.white-cat.net/spc/ . The main page only carries the
headlines, with links to the individual subject pages.
Unfortunately, White Cat's old SPC Hall of Fame is going to be abandoned. It was most famous for having a complete list of every known SPC page. As you might imagine, keeping a list like that updated was a lot of work.

SPC Game Message Board
There's now a message board for the SPC video game (well, actually it's a Cat Ninden Teyande game from Japan). If you'd like to comment on the game, or ask questions about it, stop by at http://sages.ign.com/forums/Forum3/HTML/000108.html

Samurai Pizza Cats Online Petition

"The White Cat Network."

MultiCultural Cats


Tsimsiean's Pizza Cats Page

Possible error
In the last issue, we gave Yattaro's (Speedy) height in KNT as 174 cm (4' 4"), I think this figure came from the old WPCA page before it went down. Where it came from originally, I don't know. However, I have been able to find Pururun's (Polly) height as 130 cm, and we all know Polly is taller than Speedy. We'll try and find more information and let you know if we find anything out.

Featured Character
Jerry Atric

Thanks to FDemps5138@aol.com for helping
Japanese name:
Met Big Cheese 15 years before the show takes place. Cheese was lost in the forest, and found the Ninja Crow's village, where Jerry was very sick. Cheese tripped and landed on Jerry, accidentally kissing him! Jerry was so disgusted that he jumped out of bed and ran all over, curing him of his illness. Ever since then, Jerry and his crows have been loyal to the Big Cheese.
Jerry is the oldest of the characters on the show (not counting a few of the "extras"). He's probably also the most loyal character, and Big Cheese's only real friend, he even sticks with Cheese when he is sent into exile at the end of the series. Although they are friends, Jerry is not above teasing and making fun of Seymore now and then, and a few times he even loses his temper when Cheese does something stupid.

Likes: The Love Boat, "Loving Spoonful" (he had some of their records in Big Cheese's vault), Big Cheese

Dislikes: Big Cheese acting "weird"

Jerry, like Speedy and Guido, never takes off his helmet, but, unlike the cats, he has had it knocked off a couple times, showing that he's actually bald underneath. Jerry also says he has a bad back, but he can still beat Big Cheese at boxing.

Jerry can sing too. He sings a little song in "Samurai Savings Time", he puts on a little show for the crows in "Wet and Wild Weekend", and sometimes joins Big Cheese for a quick musical number.

Although he has his crows to do most of the dirty work, Jerry often designs the robots and comes up with the plots to help Big Cheese in his attempts to take over Little Tokyo. He also looks after his ninja crows by buying them pizza, and complaining to Big Cheese when they don't get paid or are being over worked.

Jerry has a couple ninja tricks he's used too, in the Japanese version of "If You Knew Sushi", he hypnotizes Omitsu's (Lucille's) brother (Wally), and in "Wet and Wild Weekend", he appears from a puff of smoke. Even the good guys respect Jerry, Speedy and Guido kneel before him when he shows up, and the cats take his advise and organize a temporary truce with the crows (Wet and Wild Weekend)

This Month's Picture
Animators use "model sheets" to help them draw the characters (and props sometimes) the right way. This one isn't from an animation studio though, it was drawn by a fan, Ted Sheppard.

Thanks for reading our 20th issue of Pizza Cats Review! It's hard to believe we've gotten this far, but SPC fans are great, and we get more subscribers every month!
Our 20th issue. We couldn't have done it without you all. Well.. we'll see you next month and hoped you enjoyed the newsletter.