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SPC Mailing list returns
No, it's not this newsletter, the mailing list is something else. Mail sent to the list is sent to all the list subscribers. Of course, the mail on the list is Pizza Cats related.
The list was originally started last year, but stopped working for a few months, the new address for the list is
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Pizza Cats Webring
The old Pizza Cats webring has not been maintained and is in bad shape, linking to many old dead pages, and leaving out new pages that try to sign up. Because of this, we are currently working on a new webring to replace the old one which will be maintained by me, Violet. The new webring will be called the "Pizza Cats Fanatics Ring". It's common for lots of people to throw up a quick web page while a show is on and still new, but it's only the loyal fans, the fanatics, who still have them going now. So, you can look forward to a link of high quality pages that are still being updated.
The webring's web page is at http://members.xoom.com/PrincessVi/webring.html it's still getting some bugs worked out, but should be running when you get this.
More information will be coming in the next newsletter, and also by the SPC mailing list and the alt.tv.pizzacats newsgroup.

Vote for your Favorite SPC Pages
You can vote for your favorite SPC pages in different categories at the Ultimate SPC Listing. If you have your own SPC webpage, you can have it listed to be voted on.

Pizza Cat Fan Ages Survey Results
- 10 *
11-13 ********
14-16 ********************
17-19 ****
20-23 ***
24-27 *
28-30 ***
31-35 *
36-40 *
It's plain to see that most SPC fans seem to fall into the 14-16 group, however, I should note that fans over the age of 18, who have jobs, collage, ect, are out there, but less likely to become involved fans (people who will make web pages, subscribe to newsletters, ...and answer surveys. The same apples to fans under 10, but for different reasons) By the way, less than half of the newsletter subscribers bothered to answer the survey...(don't bother now) Pizza Cats Review currently has 107 subscribers.

Get your own SPC Animation Cel
Information sent in by CerberusZ@aol.com
A company named GameCave (who specializes in Japanese Animation/anime related products and import video games and related merchandise)
had an add in the May '98 issue of GameFan that offered the following.

Make any purchase form GameCave, and for only $9.95 you can choose form any of the above titles (Which includes Pizza Cats) and we will send you your very own Japanimation cel

The catch is, it sounds like you do not pick the cel, only the series, which in essence, leaves you with a mystery cel.

Pizza Cat Facts
From YrRndRdr@aol.com
Hey Vi, I know you like to receive little articles of info on the Pizza Cats show for use in your monthly letter. Here are two I know of:

I forget which show it was where Sylvia's baby hijacked the Samurai Stomper robot (the baby was named Seymour Junior by you earlier in the show). Anyway, the robot later sees Big Cheese while fighting the cats and Junior decides to take off with his dad. You'll hear Speedy make a comment at this point something a long the line of "the robot thinks Big Cheese is Fay Wray". For those of you that don't know, Fay Wray was the lady that starred in the movie King Kong...you know, the lady that gets picked up and brought to the top of the building against her will. Close resemblance between that flick and the cartoon, eh?
[That was "Son of Big Cheese"-Vi]

The other one is about the image that magically appears on the Supreme Catatonic's head after he transforms. It's the small white and black cat that has it's left paw raised in the air while it's meowing. There are actual ceramic works of art over in Japan that depict this same cat. One artist that makes them is Kutani.
[That's called a "Beckoning Cat" and their statues are commonly kept for good fortune in Japan. (I have one on my desk too) There is a legend behind the Beckoning Cat; long ago in feudal Japan, an important nobleman was traveling down a road, and a cat came out and stopped in front of him and raised his paw. The nobleman knew this was some sort of omen, and stopped. Then lightening struck the spot where he would have been if the cat had not stopped him. On that spot, there is now a Temple of the Beckoning Cat, with hundreds of these statues. -Vi]

Cat Ninden Teyande Manga
I decided to write in myself to check and see if there was any chance of getting more copies of the manga, here's the letter I got back;

>Is it true this book is out of print? There are many people here in the USA
>who would like to get it.
Yes, it's true that KNT is out of print,
since it is first published in 1994...

I asked its publisher if I can get that book,
but they said it's not printed any more.
I'm very sorry about that.

Dan's SPC page has moved to

From: trelane@terraworld.net (Ross)
Hello, my name is Trelane, the first Pizza Cat of the Kansas chapter of the
Samurai Pizza Cats! I have set up a new page, the Samurai Pizza Cats Vs!
home page. Please visit it and make your vote. I would also be much
obliged if you would put a link to it on your page and/or suggest it to
others. Thank you for your help and attention!

It's Samurai Pizza Cats!!

Mailing lists
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Scout Luna's Sailor Senshi Sending
A great Sailor Moon letter, write to ScoutLuna@aol.com with "Subscribe" as the subject.

This Month's Picture
Is a cel (it is spelled with one 'L' when you're talking about animation) from Pizza Cats. Probably a bit nicer than you can expect to get from Game Cave, but who knows....
See you next month!
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