Replies to last month's poll
Last month, we asked "What do you like most about the show Samurai Pizza Cats?" Here are a few responses;

Hero Boy-
Well, that's a toughie... There's lots of things I like about it... Being the kind of guy who really enjoys sweet stories & such, I probably enjoy the (very few) emotional scenes throughout the series... Which probably means I'd enjoy KNT more than SPC, but seeing as I don't understand Japanese and it's not on the air anymore... =| If I had to choose a close second, it'd probably be a toss up between character design & the goofy humor... (I really go for both of those.)

Well, the thing I like the most about the Samurai Pizza Cats is the mix of great Japanese animation and the snappy American humor; there's a surprisingly little amount of culture clashing that seems to run rampant through a lot of the other animé shows out there. Being a fan of corny humor, I enjoy immensely every bad pun and cliché I run across, and since SPC is chock-full of 'em, it's a terrific show IMO. The characters are creative and don't get boring, the plots are zany and entertaining, and the voice acting is terrific.

For a basic opening, I've always loved anime and keep my eyes open for when any are brought to America. I immediately loved Sailor Moon the moment I saw it on television, and the same is said for the Pizza Cats. It was fairly easy to recognize the show as another anime import. But what I loved about it was that it's "furry" with animal characters. The great slapstick comedy makes the show worth good laughs, which is the essence of animation: to make the audience laugh. And like all Japanese animation, the color and art is very detailed and pleasing to the eye. Samurai Pizza Cats has a wonderful overall genre for all ages and is just plain fun to watch. A shame it was canceled. But when it comes back, and I hope it will, I will be one very happy fox. My favorite character is Big Cheese (I think of him as a fox), followed by the Pizza Cats, Princess Vi, Francine, Lucille, Emperor Fred and Big Al. Still I can't help but love them all. Wonderful cast, full of great humor and beautiful animation makes SPC a winner!

To see more, come to Show Reviews which is part of Polly Ester's Shrine. Thanks!

Since it's almost time for Christmas & Chanukah, for our next poll, tell us what SPC toy (real or imaginary) you'd like to have. Just hit your reply button to respond.

Fox Family Channel
FFC has taken notice of the many letters it has been getting from SPC fans asking for the show. After some initial problems cause by some confusion after Fox took over the failing Family Channel, letters asking for SPC are now being forwarded to the programming department, which makes us very hopeful. But it's not time to rest easy yet. It's more important now to keep up the pressure until we know for sure they will put the show on! So send in those letters!

Lucille's Not Yet Exploding Home Page
Lucille's page is currently the oldest active SPC web page. There were 3 other SPC web pages before hers; The "Samurai Pizza Cats" page in Holland (Often referred to by fans as the "First SPC Page," or the "Dutch Page"), "The Pizza Cats Temple," and "Pzario's Pizza Cats Page". The first 2 have not been active for a very long time, and Pzario's is closed for a reorganization (Knowing Pzario, this will take a long time, but should be really cool when it's done).
The highlight of Lucille's page is her artwork & colored manga pictures. We salute Lucille for her years of being a dedicated fan.

SPC Labs is one year old
The SPC labs site is one of the best designed Pizza Cats web sites and grew very quickly to rank up there with the other great sites. Today, many consider it the best SPC site on the net.
SPC Labs

Things to do to Help SPC
by MoonTigriss

1. Support Samurai Saving Time!

2. Write letters to Saban Entertainment or e-mail Fox Family Channel

3. Do Pizza Cat drawings or fan-art and mail it to Saban, and/or FFC

4. Tell your friends about SPC and get them to help (showing them SPC
websites or taped episodes would help them get a better idea of what SPC
is like)

5. Try to find out useful information on SPC to give to the newsletter.
(i.e. search anime magazines for Pizza Cats merchandise, find facts
about Kyatto Ninden Teyande)

Useful addresses, etc.

Samurai Saving Time:

Princess Vi's e-mail:

My e-mail (Tigriss):

Saban Entertainment: 10960 Wilshire Blv. Los Angeles, CA 90024

Fox Family Channel's website:

FFC's e-mail:

Polly Ester ( is still looking for some great Polly fan art. If you have any, please send it in. is working a project, and she needs a SPC story idea to use for it. If you have an idea for a good plot, send it to her, and she'll chose the best one.

The SPCshop has some copies of the Pizza Cats manga, Electronic KNT games, posters, and cels for sale.

Anime Shop Vi
(Not run by me, just named that by the owner who is a fan -Vi) also has some Pizza Cats cels for sale.

Pizza Cats Facts
When Big Cheese's robot, "Righteous Rat" is blown up, Big Cheese merchandise flies out in the explosion (you can see this by freeze framing on your VCR)

The two most famous Guidos of history are:
Guido Reni (1575-1642): Italian painter whose lyrical, idealistic works include the Crucifixion of Saint Peter and the Aurora fresco.
Guido d'Arezzo [Aretino] (990-1050): Benedictine monk and music theorist who devised the four-line staff, thereby allowing precise musical notation.
A non-historical Guido of Saturday Night Live fame is Father Guido Sarducci.

(Well, that's kinda streaching it as far as being a Pizza Cats fact, but at least you tried. If any of you have a Pizza Cat Fact, send it in! -Vi)

Message Board & Newsgroup
The Pizza Cats have their own newsgroup,, if your newsreader doesn't carry it, you can read and post to it still by using DejaNews (DejaNews SPC).

If you have access to AOL, there is a Pizza Cats message board at the Cartoon Network area, just go to Message Boards
(AOL only link)
then click on "HQ," then scroll down and find "Pizza Cats & Other toon Cats".
All the old posts were recently cleaned out since there were over 400 and the folder was getting too big, so stop by and help get things going again.


Simmo Cat's Francine shrine
A nice new page that has started out! Be sure to take a look.

Guido's Page of Useless (Yet Cool) Stuff! Geez.. long name for a web page^^ But has some great FanArt.

Violet's Toybox A very cool page where Violet takes ya on a tour of all the cool SPC/KNT toys out there. To bad they're so hard to find.

Felina's Pizza cats Page
Another great page that has started out! Be sure to check this one out too.

This Month's Picture
Violet meets the Pointless Sisters, part 2

Happy Holidays!
-Violet & Polly