Pizza Cats videos on the Net
Recently, many Pizza Cats web pages feature episodes in Real Video format, so those of you without SPC tapes can watch the show on a postage stamp sized screen (Better than nothing!) Now you can also experience watching Cat Ninden Teyande too.
Has links to a few pages featuring these videos.
There are also 5 Cat Ninden Teyande episodes at

Fox Family Channel
FFC is a cable network in the USA (don't know if it's on anywhere else yet) and is run by Saban (who also owns Samurai Pizza Cats)
Pizza Cats fans can now ask the Fox Family Channel to show Samurai Pizza Cats. There are 3 ways to go about it:

1- There's an easy to use form at Samurai Saving Time

2- E-mail:

3- Postal (snail mail)
Fox Family Channel
P.O. Box 1389
Hollywood, CA 90078

Tell 'em what you want to see, folks!

List of known Pizza Cats products
Most of these are Japanese (KNT) a few products were sold in Europe for *Samurai Pizza Cats (SPC), hardly any from Japan or Europe ever made it to North America.

*"Action Figure" type toys of all the cats and rescue team (not including Francine) (KNT, SPC)
*Small soft plastic figures sold with candy of the main cats (in both types of armor) and crows (KNT)
*A Pizza Parlor Playset, made for the small sized figures which are included, has a working cannon to launch these figures, includes the cats in their working clothes and a Francine figure (KNT, SPC)
*A toy Great Catatonic, about the right scale to go with the small figures, comes with "Fish gun" and sword. (KNT, SPC)
*The Video Game, originally made for Japanese FamCom, now fairly easy to find on the WWW as a ROM which can be played on home computers with an emulator (KNT)
*A small pocket electronic game. (KNT)
*2 Sound Track CDs, one all music, the other music with some skits thrown in, all in Japanese of course (KNT)
*Resin Figures (like model kits) of Pururun (Polly), Omitsu (Lucille), Usa Hime (Violet), Otama (Francine), and Usa no Tsubone (Fredia) (KNT)
*Collector's Cards (KNT)
*Stickers (KNT)
*Halloween Masks of the 3 cats (KNT)
*"The Manga" The one you see on the net all the time(KNT)
*Over 100 different "Dojin" (fan made books), these usually have a very low print run, so are hard to find, content ranges from information on the show, fan written and drawn stories, drawings, ect. Some dojin at all about Pizza Cats, others may just have some Pizza Cats stuff included. (KNT)
*A small poster by Saban, made to promote the show to TV stations, it has Saban's old address on the back, so it wasn't any good to them for that anymore, so they occasionally give them away to people who write to them about the show. (SPC)
*The "Movie", a video made from the first and last 2 episodes of the show. (SPC)
*Saban's "Powerhouse" comic book sometimes featured Pizza Cats stories.(SPC)
*Animation Cels, these are found in some anime shops, I have even found a few in the USA, if you know anime dealers with cels, it doesn't hurt to check. (KNT)

There are more items, these are just the things I have seen or seen photos of, some items I have heard of but cannot prove are out there are;
*A T-shirt (SPC)
*Video Tapes (KNT)
*A Pencil (SPC)
*A second type Saban Poster (seen a picture of this, but I'm not sure if it's a poster of just a Saban made picture) (SPC)
*Japanese posters, wall scrolls, pencil boxes, note books, ect. They seem to make that sort of stuff for every anime series, so I wouldn't be surprised to find them with Pizza Cats (KNT)

Now the question everyone asks, "Where can I get these?"
Until about 2 months ago, it was possible to order a copy of the Manga from a Japanese book dealer, but the book is out of print now, and there are no more copies left from that source, as I mentioned in the last newsletter.
The Saban Poster was once the easiest SPC item to get, all it took was a good letter and they'd send you one for the asking. Stocks of these are now very low at Saban, and they don't give them out so freely anymore, but you still have a chance.
Some anime dealer do have cels, sometimes, when they have a lot of cels, they don't even know they have any Pizza Cats cels, so it doesn't hurt to look. There are currently a few cels for sale at
Everything else is very rare. If you are in Europe, careful searching at places where used or collectable toys are sold might pay off, but don't expect it to be easy. If you have connections in Japan, that's where most of the stuff is still. Of course, it's not sold new anymore, Cat Ninden Teyande was playing there 7-8 years ago, but places that sell anime collectable will still have things now and then.

Pizza Cats Facts
Not sure if ya have noticed it but I realyzed something while listening to some songs from the KNT Soundtrack on WinAmp. You know how in SPC they make it so Polly can't sing but yet Lucille can? Well, in KNT Pururun can sing but Omitsu can't. Pretty interesting huh?

(I think both the characters in both versions of the show sang just fine. Pururun in Cat Ninden Teyande has a huskier voice than Polly in SPC, while Omitsu's voice is even higher pitched than her English voice as Lucille -Vi)

Guess that is just another one of the many differences from SPC and KNT. (Not to mention Yattaro sings in KNT but Speedy doesn't sing in SPC.. and trust me, Yattaro can't sing to save his life)

From Ribby
Some obscure facts gleaned from SPC:

--In one episode, Those Transforming Felines, when the Pizza Cats summon the
Supreme catatonic, Speedy mentions that he'll do a flanking maneuver. He
then finds a coin on the ground with "100" on it, and goes to dig it up,
and as he remarks about it being 100 dollars, he looks up.
Actually, the coin is 100 yen, which is probably worth about a quarter
or so (About 140 yen to $1 US last I checked -Vi), so what REALLY happened is that he missed his
chance to go into the Catatonic AGAIN and he thought that the coin on
the ground was worth more than 100 yen, and is majorly disappointed.
(Finding 100 yen laying around is still pretty cool, you can buy a can of soda with that, or, back when the show was on in Japan, you could buy one of the small Pizza Cats toys! -Vi)

--In "Destructo Robots at Popular Prices", after Lucille is released
from the cell inside the Rude Noise's robot, she and Speedy walk towards
to each other, and for a few seconds they are shown tied together by a
red cord. This is a Japanese symbol of two lovers.

--Bad Bird's armor from "Bad Bird Uncaged" is based on the outfit of a
type of Japanese monk, a Komuso, that played a flute under their
basket-like hat. You see a lot of other Komuso-type people in the
series as well.

--In one episode (I forgot the title of it too) the sign on top of a
store read "Ecchi" (?!)

--In "Princess Vi's Hippy Dippy Mom" (I think) in a few frames Speedy's
armor had Guido's coloration. On that note, a frame in the Acclaim SPC
comic shows Polly's armor with Guido's coloration (really stupid too
since Guido was in the same frame!)

Ribby ~@-@~

More about the word "Teyandee"
(For newbies, "Kyatto (or 'Cat') Ninden (Ninja Legend) Teyandee" is the Japanese name of the show. "Teyandee" is a word that doesn't translate well into English, so here's a little about the word. but first, for anyone who missed it in issue #5, and so the rest of you who care don't have to look for the article, here's what we learned about the word before:
> Teyande is an explitive used primarily by the old Tokyo city district
> residence and represents the Edo (pre-Meiji Restoration(1868) name for
> Tokyo) spirit as espoused by the city folk in the area. It would be
> commonly translated as "You may say or do as you like but I won't go along
> with it" or "Humph!!" or "Bite me!!" or "You got me!" or "Dig this, man!"
> Its a retort (?) to another person's assertion and a sign of disapproval.
> Teyande, along with such saying as Beramei and Konchikishou, are figurative
> and decorative terms that are hard to translate into English because we
> tend not decorate our speech that much.


The meaning of "Teyandee" is now better known by SPC fans. But the origin of this word hadn't been explained so far.
Tetsuya I, a Japanese fan, told me what was the original sentence from
which this word evolved :

"nani wo itte irunodesuka?
(what are you saying ?)

nani wo itte yagaru
(what are you saying ? (with disdain))

nani itte yandee
(the same as above ; but even less polite, more actual spoken

-------te yandee


For non-japanese, here's a translation and explanation of word used:

"nani" = what
"wo" = particle that gives the object, the object of the sentence is
what is before the "wo". This particle is sometime omitted in spoken
Japanese (like above) when the object is obvious.
"itte iru" = "-te" form of the verb "iu", which correspond to "to say"
in English. the "-te + iru" form correspond to the "-ing" form in
"no desu ka ?" indicate it's a question.

"yagaru" : the second sentence is more aggressive, with the transition
from "te iru" to "te yagaru", which denote disdain for what the other

"yandee" : I believe it is short for "yagaru" ; but I may be wrong. It
could also come from the verb "yamu" which means "to stop" / "to cease".

Tetsuya-san also says that it's a rather old word (KNT takes place in an old fashion/high tech setting).
According to him, nowadays, saying "teyandee" more like means you want
the other to shut up (he gives "urusai" & "damare" as example, both
meaning "shut up").

"Make up your mind, Vi, is it Kyatto Ninden Teyande, or Cat Ninden Teyande?!?"
Allow me to briefly explain. Both are correct. When written in kanji (Japanese letters) and translated into our alphabet, you get "Kyatto Ninden Teyande", because that is the way the letters sound. But when the Japanese write the name of the show using our alphabet (called 'romanji' in Japan) they write it "Cat Ninden Teyande", so that's what I usually use. However, because it has become the accepted thing with fans to use the initals "KNT", I still use that instead of "CNT" to avoid confusing people.

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