Most of you have probably heard of the KNT soundtrack and have been wondering how to get it. Well, unfortunately they are very rare and they aren't even made anymore. I highly doubt though that the fans all over the world who have them would want to sell it for it's such a rare collectors item. But don't get disappointed and depressed because ya can't hear the music. There are actual 3 good sites to get it from. No.. not the original CD ... but majority of the songs from it. You can check out which has the songs in Real Audio format. (Not as good as MP3 format but still real good quality.) You can also find the MP3 of these songs on Survechay's Page at ( Well, I hope that helps you out in finding them on the net, now onto information about the actual CD.

They have great songs on the CD and 2 songs have not been heard before. There is one song called "Cat's Eye Slash" which is sung by Yattaro. True he can't sing all that well but it has a cool beat and a real catchy song. Also before the song begins, it has the intro done by the three cats which is real cool as well. Another great song on there is one sing by Lovely Mipple called "Hold on Teyande" which is a real lovely song and has a nice upbeat to it. These two are my favorite songs on there mainly because I haven't heard them before till I believe it was Expresso (I could be wrong) sent me them. Other songs on this CD include the opening and closing theme to the show and the Lovely Mipple song that has just about been drilled into out heads... (not sure on the name of it though). Of course, as with most Japanese soundtracks, the majority of the CD is instrumental music from the show. A lot of the tunes are real catchy and have a real cool classical beat to them (as do most Japanese music) but there are a few that are just down right annoying. I believe the one that annoys people the most is track 7A. But even with a few annoying songs, it is overall a great CD and worth listening weather on the CD it's self or on Real Audio or MP3. So if you wanted to download them before but weren't sure it was worth it, well ya heard straight from Polly's mouth. It's worth it. ::winks :: (Hehe.. Too much caffeine. wee...!!)

Don't forget our Cats!
If you haven't done so recently, why not send a quick e-mail off to Fox Family Channel ( and ask them to show Samurai Pizza Cats? It doesn't have to be long or fancy, a quick note is fine. You can now also call them toll free at 1-877-98-FAMILY.
You can also write via snail mail to:
Fox Family Channel
10960 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2081, Los Angeles, CA, 90024

If you live in Canada, try dropping a line to some of the stations listed at
And in the UK, let the people at know what show you want to see.
Drop by Samurai Saving Time ( for more information. SST especially needs help of Pizza Cats fans in the UK & Canada to be it's eyes and ears in those countries, and keep looking for ways to get the show on there.

Pizza Cats Web Comicbook!
Jeff Ward a.k.a. ww4 has made his own comic that takes place after "The Great Comet Caper". Everyone can go see it at:
There's still more to come in the future. I hope that some other people will be inspired by this to make more SPC comics!

Princess Vi's Spiffy Diffy Web Page 2 years Old

Yep, I started my web page on April 19th, 1997. I had been on the internet for about 3 months, and I knew nothing about making a web page except that I wanted to make one. SPC was still on TV, and there were a lot of new fans discovering the show still.
My page started out with about a dozen pictures, 4 or 5 wav files, and a few links to other SPC pages, as I worked on it, I learned more and more about building a web page, about the internet, and even about my own computer. Nowdays, people come to me for help to build a web page, so I guess I've learned a lot. I have several webpages now, all part of my "Internet Empire", and I'm still building. It's been a lot of fun, and a lot of work, and I have no plans to stop. My web page has helped me to meet a lot of new friends, and given me a fun hobby. The more you put into it, the more you and everyone who sees it will get out of it.
If you have ever wanted to make a web page of your own, either about the Pizza Cats or anything else that you like, give it a try. And don't be discouraged if it's not the greatest thing on the web overnight, a great web page takes a lot of time and a lot of learning, but you got to start somewhere!
Anyway, stop by and see me anytime:

Pizza Cats Party
At a small SciFi/Fantasy convention (ConFurence, which specializes in comic books and animation about anthropomorphic animals, commonly called "Furrys") in San Diego last month there was a "Pizza Cats Pizza Party" hosted by Ted Sheppard who is known for his fan art and the Pizza Cats Shop web page. The party featured Pizza and SPC/KNT videos, as well as a display of Pizza Cats items. The small room the party was help in was packed for about 5 hours until things finally broke up around 12:00-1:00AM. There are plans for another party at next year's convention.

The Pizza Cats Shop
Has new animation cels from the show for sale, as well as posters, and a very few copies of the rare "Pizza Cats Manga" You can also download the new improved "Big Cheese KiSS set" for free. has a really cool e-mail newsletter for Sailor Moon fans, "Sailor Soldier Sending." The newsletter is made to use the features of AOL4.0, which makes it really nice if you have that, but if you don't, you can still read it, you'll just miss some of the extras. She also has a newsletter for Pokemon & Sanrio fans.

The SPC Web Vault, Italy

Speedy's Samurai Pizza Cats WWW Hall of Fame

This Month's Pic
A few videos were released in Japan. Like all Pizza Cats stuff, they are extremely rare and hard to find now. This month's picture is part of the cover art for a video box. Sorry, I don't have a scan of the whole thing, and I'm even more sorry I don't have this tape!

Featured Character/Pizza Cats Facts
I'm not including these features in this month's issue mostly because it's big enough already. But also we'd really like to get more input from you for these. Just because Polly & I do most of the writing for this newsletter doesn't mean it's ours. Anyone is welcome to write an article for this newsletter. And we especially need your help to send in trivia and information we can use for feature character data and Pizza Cats Facts!

Hope to hear from you!
-Violet & Polly