Anime Poll
SPC won the anime poll at (mentioned in the last newsletter), twice. In the first poll at that site, SPC won by being the first to reach 500 votes. The second poll, which ended Feb 28, SPC won by getting the most votes, a total of 4,606.
The poll is running again, but it's not mentioned on the page when the current poll ends, but SPC is in the lead as of today.

Pzario's Page is Back
For a long time it was thought of as the best SPC page, then it shut down. Closed for rebuilding for several months, Pzario's page, the 3rd SPC page made, is now back.
The page has a whole new layout, it looks like there's still some work left to be done, but it is open to the public again.
Pzario says he will be adding a new picture section with over 700 SPC screen shots sorted by episode, which he plans to have grow to over 1000 pictures. "I
am also planing a fun section with polls, contests and a SPC scavenger
hunt", he says, "And also I am working on my cast page with character descriptions,
character design sheets and fan art."
Pzario's "Pizza Cat Log Book" is at

SPC run in Holland ends
SPC is no longer on TV in Holland. That's sad news, but not as alarming as it sounds. Since the early 90's, SPC has been off and on RTL4 about 4 or 5 times, and Fox Holland about 3 times. Holland has gotten more SPC air time than anywhere else in the world. I won't be surprised if it returns yet again. The Pizza Cats were shown in English with Dutch subtitles.

Pizza Cats Facts
From: Compute827
I was on Otakuworld (one of my favorite Anime web sites), and I was looking at
the excerpt from "The Anime Companion: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation",
and I noticed one of the entries mentioned "mizugori", an aesthetic exercise
that involves sitting under a waterfall or otherwise having cold water poured
on your head. That's when I realized that at the end of "Youth is for
Exploding", when Bad Bird is sitting under the waterfall, he's performing
mizugori! But judging how hard it was for Bad Bird to get the Armor of Worc,
maybe he should have sat under the waterfall for a bit longer. =D

Featured Character
Al Dente, AKA:"Big" Al
Japanese name, Wanko no Kami, full name "Inuyama Wankou no Kami"
Wan = bark of dog
no Kami= indicates nobility, it's a title, like Sir or Lord in English nobility.

Name in SPC, "Big" Al Dente. "al dente" is used normally to describe pasta when it's nearly ready, and still just a bit hard. The direct translation of it is "To the tooth", meaning the pasta sticks to your teeth a bit when you bite into it.

Married, but we never see his wife.
Al can actually understand Fred.
Occupation: Council member, leader of the palace guards, teacher of Princess Vi
Likes: Cindy Crawford, trees, poles, and ordering around underlings
Dislikes: The Big Cheese, having his roof broken by Francine's misfiring, being ranked under Big Cheese. Al ranks 3rd under the royal family & Big Cheese.
Al seems to be the only one on the council aware of the Big Cheese's treachery. He is the Pizza Cat's employer, and is usually the one to call them into action.

Pzario's Pizza Cat Log Book

Leota's Pizza Cats Page

The Pizza Cats Fan Art Page (New location)

Anime Shop Vi (in Japan, and no, I don't own it -Vi) has some new Pizza Cats cels for sale.
The SPC Shop ( has a few new ones too. is looking for SPC story ideas for a project of hers. is looking for Polly fan art for her page.
(Yup... and I'd like to take this time to thank GuidoDan for doing so many pictures for me.. in fact.. he'll have his own little spot in my art archive for just his Polly fan art. ^^ Thanks GD =P But still though.. bring it on in!! =)

The Pizza Cats Fan Art page is looking for any fan art from the show. Write to

This Month's pic
I let some people know what this month's picture was going to be, and they have been waiting eagerly to see it. It's the British Pizza Cats! (from the dojin "Secret of Pizza Cat" 1990)

Bye bye
And that's the way it is, Pizza Cats fans. I hope you liked this issue of Pizza Cats Review. We'll be back next month with a new issue.

Hope you enjoyed it.. hehe.. see ya next month.