Happy New Year SPC fans! 2000 is the tenth anniversary of the Japanese version of Pizza Cats, "Cat Ninden Teyande".

You can win cool SPC prizes from the SPC Shop by entering a contest at Francine's page (http://otama.cjb.net). The contest is sponsored by Purrcat of Edoropolis.org to celibrate it's first year of operation. What you have to do is design and outfit for the Francine doll. Not a very good artist? Don't worry, the doll is already drawn for you, and you can download it there. You find drawing the clothes when the body is already drawn for you really isn't too hard, all you need is some sort of drawing program. The outfits designed for the contest will be used in the Francine KiSS doll (KiSS is sort of like a paper doll program for computers, you can read more about it at : http://otakuworld.com/kiss/).

New Pizza Cats On-line Comicbook
The "Sickly Obsessed Samurai Pizza Cats Web Site" has a new Pizza Cats comic called "The Greatest Ping-Pong Match... Ever". You can see it in the "Comics" section at http://www.edoropolis.org/sampizzacat/

SPC Returns
Pizza Cats are back on TV again in Holland. Holland is certainly the best place for Pizza Cats fans to live, as the show has been aired numerous times there since it came out.

SPC Links Listing
Carla's page at http://karasuclan.cjb.net has a "SPC Links Listing" (formerly the USL at Dan's Page). With this listing, you can find what SPC pages have what you are looking for. Say you are in the mood to read some fan fics, or you want to find some pictures, or maybe download some SPC videos, the SPC Links Listing will tell you what pages have what you are looking for.

Samurai or Samuri?
Although "Samurai" is misspelled in the opening credits, the official Saban spelling is still "Samurai". It's spelled that way on the posters Saban made, the Powerhouse comics, and the "movie" tape box.
It's been said that the "a" was left out in the opening animation to work with the song, during which we see "Sam" - "ur" - "i" (the "i" having an eye for the dot) flashed by. "Ai" used by itself would make the long "A" sound like in "Aim".

Featured Character
Not doing one this month, I'm a little behind due to the holidays, and we are starting to run out of characters that there's enough information about to do as a "Featured Character". However, I have saved a few important characters for later. Next month has Valentine's day, so what better featured character than our favorite heart breaking (and bombing) kitty, Polly Ester!?
So, send in your Polly trivia for the next issue!

The 1999-2000 Pizza Cats Fan Calendar

Samurai Pizza Cats 2000

Samurai Pizza Cats Online

This Month's Picture
If you thought Godzilla was bad news, have a look at this!

That's all for this month
Thanks for reading this issue. My computer crashed twice while I was finishing this up, so I had to do a bunch of it over again... = P
Anyway, it's all worth while once it's finished! See you next month!