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About Last Month's Picture
From: (Hero Boy)

Just wanted to drop off some tidbits of information about last month's picture!
You're right in the assumption that the character on the bottom is Abigail,
but neither Seymour nor Lucille are in the picture! ^_^

The Seymour look alike is BC's Uncle who resides in New York (Don't remember
his name at the moment), while the Lucille's doppleganger is the often heard of
but rarely seen Lucinda. Actually, that may not even be Violet, but since
I've never seen the KNT version of that episode, I wouldn't know.

There is no "Violet NYC counterpart" in that episode except the Statue of Liberty, which is a bunny! The artist probably made his own version. -Vi

Manga Mania Magazine
Manga Mania, a British anime magazine, had an article about Pizza Cats a few months ago with some interesting info. You can read about some of the things in the article at Little Graviton: The Pizza District

New Hope for SPC fans in the UK
The BBC has taken to showing some older "kid's" shows, including some from Saban, so people who can get the BBC should write to them and tell them you'd like to see SPC.

New activity from Japanese Fans
A Japanese Pizza Cats web page is currently being built. I've been asked not to give out the address until it is ready to open, but I should be able to in the next issue of this newsletter.
On other Japanese web pages, Pizza Cats fan art is starting to turn up. Japanese fans have taken a new interest in the show (which hasn't been seen there since 1991) after noticing the activity of foreign fans. Pizza Cats does not have a large following in Japan. I was fairly popular, but they get cool shows there all the time. However, despite the age of the show, Cat Ninden Teyande still has a loyal "cult following" is a good example, the Gallery, and "Junk" sections ("Junk" is a section for older pictures and uncolored drawings, don't be fooled by the name, there's good stuff there). Due to the Japanese attitudes being different about things like nudity, some of the other pages with fan art contain other non-Pizza Cats pics with nudity, etc., (which is no big deal there) and since this is an all ages list, I can't link to them here. Outside of J. Fujita's page and the under construction Japanese Pizza Cats page, we have found 5 other fan art pics at other sites (not bad for people who can't read Japanese) 4 of which are fairly new. Two of these, by "Meteor" have be copied to my Gallery ( with permission of the artist.

US Censored Episodes
By Scout 0reo
Hello. This just annoyingly popped into my head while I was trying to play Final Fantasy 2. Since the US SPC Voice actors and actresses, staff, blah, had translated the Japanese SPC (KNT) Episodes, why weren't they being aired? Some examples of these are 'Gender Bender Butterflies,' 'The Cheese who stole Christmas', and 'Quake Rattle and Roll'. You can find most of them at Pzario's page. (
Currently closed for upgrades -Vi) I still haven't found out why these sweetness episodes weren't shown, but I'm just going to take a few wild guesses.

Gender Bender Butterflies: Thanks to Pzario, I (and I'm sure of you and everyone else) have read his entry on this episode. If you haven't, he writes that the concept of this episode just wasn't cool for the WB and Fox. It's about Francine, and how she is dating a deer named Bucky. Basically, she has second thoughts about dating outside of her race. Sound cool? Here's why I think it wasn't aired:
I'm pretty sure most people working at the cable companies that have seen SPC think that it's as pathetic as 'Savage Dragon' or 'Mortal Kombat' (the cartoon). They believe that it is geared toward younger audiences. Probably somewhere in the 1970s, children's brains were similar to a probably see where I'm going with this. Say a 7 year old were to see this episode, and let's say she 'loved' it. She would probably 'grow up' watching the SPC shows on..whatever cable channel. Although most of us know that this is about as true as Atlantis, but she (that 7 year old) wouldn't date an African American, or a Hispanic person. Sound crappy? Amen. Next episode.

I'd have to disagree, I think that episode speaks out against that sort of discrimination by poking fun at people who think that way. I think it was because Fran thinks it's important for her to have a boyfriend. The narrator says "Francine proves she is definitely NOT a liberated female," and she says "A woman is nothing without a man." This makes Fran a "Bad role model" for young girls. Anyway, it's not people at cable companies the decide to censor these things, it's usually a bunch of little old ladies in some group like "Action for Children's Television" (which is no longer around, but was when SPC was made)-Vi

A Mission in Manhattan: I have no idea why this episode was never aired. I'm guessing it was because of DeeDee (one of the NY Pizza Cats). Who wore a kinda skimpy outfit and carried a whip as a weapon. (please, I recommend you don't bring up a picture of that. totally sicko) Her ego was kinda...weird also. I think this episode was just sexist. could just turn to the Cartoon Network and watch 'Sailor Moon', and just about each episode of Sailor Moon is just as 'bad' as 'A Mission in Manhattan'.

DeeDee is no worse than Catwoman, I think this episode wasn't shown in the US because Sundance, Speedy's NY counterpart, uses a handgun. Maybe the episode that takes place in the USA hits a little too close to home for American censors. -Vi

I think these ep's weren't shown for some really bogus reasons. And I hope that Fox will show them anyway. Maybe they'll get more in touch with the new millennium.


Pizza Cats Facts
Vi & Polly

In Cat Ninden Teyande, Pururun's special Nimpo ("Ginzu") attack is called the "Heart Breaker"

In the final episode of Cat Ninden Teyande (The Great Comet Caper, part 2 in SPC), the comet does not damage the city much at all. But when Omitsu (Lucille) sees that Yattaro (Speedy) loves Pururun (Polly) instead of her, she launches her biggest missile yet, doing all the damage you see at the end of the episode. (Omitsu/Lucille seems to have gotten over it OK though, she's happy at the end, there's still Guido after all...)

There is a part in the show that happens when they go to a commercial that isn't in SPC. Polly and Guido push Speedy out of the way when they go to one, but, when they come back to the show Speedy gets them back for it. Too bad Saban used those dumb kids eating pizza instead.

Regular character seen in the most different outfits- Big Cheese
Regular character seen in the fewest different outfits- Fred

Speedy and Guido NEVER take off their helmets. They even sleep with them on. (probably afraid of getting whacked by Polly)

If you have a Pizza Cat Fact, send it in!


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