The big news this month is the discovery of the fate of the Pizza Cats. They are being held prisoner on the dusty shelves of Saban Entertainment!
As you probably already know, Samurai Pizza Cats is owned by Saban. And we have just confirmed that Saban is not releasing the show, even if a TV station wants to buy it, Saban won't let them. What is behind this? Some evil plot by the Big Cheese? Well, Hiam Saban is now CEO of Fox Kids (that means he's the "Big Cheese" around there), so it's likely that Saban just doesn't want a non-Fox station to get the show. The good news is that Fox also owns some cable TV networks, some of which will be needing some new programming. Saban won't make any money just letting Pizza Cats sit on the shelf, so here's your big chance to get the cats back! We need to show them that SPC is still popular by writing in. So we need all of you to send them a letter. It's ok if you are no good at writing letter, as long as you let them know you like the show & want it back, your letter will help a lot! Of course, if you want to write a nice letter, or decorate it with drawings of the cats or whatever, that's great, but the important thing is that you write!
Sorry, e-mail junkies, you'll need real paper for this, but you can still write it on your computer & pretend it's e-mail, then print it out. Once you have your letter, stick it in an envelope and adress it to:
Saban Entertainment, Inc.
10960 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Then get a 32 stamp somewhere, stick it on, and drop it in the mail box. That's not so hard, is it? And you've done something that will really help get our show back.
For more info, visit Samurai Saving Time

Pizza Cat Facts
From: Salr Sun (Francine)
SPC facts: Francine has one line in at least every episode even though she may not always make an appearance. This is naturally because she does the saying right before the pizza cats are blasted out of the cannnon. :::giggles::: I love it it when I (she) do that!

From: Kei Fox
From what I gathered, Speedy's Japanese voice is provided by popular Japanese seiyuu Kappei Yamaguchi, whose credits include Little Zenki (Zenki), Etoh (Record of Lodoss War), and Male-Ranma (Ranma 1/2). Plus, SPC (being called Kyattou Ninden Teyandee), Yattaro (Speedy's real name) is very vulgar, but not completely foul-mouthed. And there's a love triangle because Pururun (Polly) has a more stronger attitude about Yattaro and Sukashi (Guido) in their battle for Omitsu (Lucille), that they can give her some attention too.

From: PoIIyEster
I won't marry anyone who doesn't like kids. The News Paper Vendor guy selling SPC magazines in "Phoney Baloney Cats" states: "Find Out Why Polly Won't Marry Anyone Who Doesn't Like Kids!" when he's trying to sell her magazines.

From : Me (Violet)
SPC producer Andrew Thomas also produced the first episodes of the hit TV show "Cops" and some Geraldo Rivera specials, and now does shows for Disney, A&E, the History Channel, Sci-Fi channel, Discovery, and ABC.

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