Israeli Pizza Cats
You can watch the Pizza Cats every Saturday at 9:30 AM. If you live in Israel... The show is currently airing there in Hebrew.

Fox Family Channel's "Anime invasion"
Three shows isn't much of an invasion really, but that's what Fox Family Channel is calling it now that they are showing Megaman, and Digimon: Digital Monster Ranchers. (Yes, I know it's two different shows, but one "Kids wandering around with fighting monsters" show is enough for me.)
This would be a good time for us to e-mail FFC and suggest they add some variety to this "Anime invasion" by including "Samurai Pizza Cats". You can use the handy mail form at

Radio Little Tokyo
rSPC, The SPC web-radio is now online! You'll need to have the latest version of the Real Audio player (a free download if you don't already have it), and go to-
This is brought to us by (, which is currently undergoing some major rebuilding.

Who's taller?
When Speedy was the "Featured Character" in this newsletter a few months ago, his height from KNT was given as 133 cm. Someone later asked me for Polly's height from KNT and I checked in one of my Japanese books and found it listed as 130 cm. But wait. Isn't Polly taller than Speedy? Well, I finally have an explanation. Polly's height of 130 cm is without a helmet. The heels of her boots probably make her look a bit taller too. Speedy's height of 133 cm is from the Japanese version of "Mission to Manhattan" when he is measured with his armor on (of course Speedy never takes off his helmet anyway). Of course, Guido is much taller than both of them, at 150 cm.
Speedy 133 cm 40 kg
Polly 130 cm 35 kg
Guido 150 cm 55 kg

Tsimsiean's SPC Page

Samurai Pizza Cats 2000 (Moved)

Issarlk's KNT, SPC Page

Felina's Samurai Pizza Cats

Fan Fic Chain
The SPC 2000 project's Chain Story still needs a couple of writers. If you like to write stories, please sign up, otherwise they'll get someone like me who can't write a good story. Stop by

Cosplay is the term used by anime fans for dressing up like their favorite anime characters. (COStume+PLAY) Cosplayers usually wear their costumes to anime conventions, and often have contests. As you might imagine, it would be pretty hard to dress up like a Pizza Cats character because of their unusual proportions, but a couple of Japanese fans did it anyway, dressing up like Pururun (Polly), Omitsu (Lucille), and one of the girls even tried a Yattaro (Speedy) outfit. Visit their web page at
to see their costumes.

Video Game
Most of you know there was a Japanese Pizza Cats video game made for the "Famicom" system (Japanese version of the NES). It's not as fancy as today's games of course, but still a lot of fun, There are several places on the WWW where you can download a version of this game that you can play on your home computer with and emulator program, but, just in case you wanted to see what the actual game cartridge and box looked like, you can have a look at

This Month's Picture
New York Pizza Cat, Dee Dee, is known as "Madonna" in Japan. This picture is by J. Peiro.

Bye for now!
I'd like to thank Pzario for telling me about the cool Japanese Cosplay web site, and the resin kit pictures that I'm saving for next month's Pizza Cats Review. See you then!