Pizza Cats Video at Jonas Miles' Page
by Jonas
I've got six KNT episodes total at the moment. Four can be found at .
(But fix those broken images! -Vi)
Another episode, apparently a clip show that was never dubbed (in America, at any rate), can be found at .
This episode isn't overtly entertaining, being a bunch of clips anyway, but it *does* have the mega-cool "Pururun VS. Geisha Robot Fight Song" at the end. ^^

Pizza Cat Toys/Merchandice News

by Violet & Tigress
We've been able to confirm the existence of a couple KNT items previously unknown to most fans outside of Japan. I had previously told people that the only Pizza Cats action figures (not including the small 1 inch rubber figures) were of Speedy, Polly, Guido and the 4 "Rescue Team" cats, but I have now found that Big Cheese and Bad Bird figures were also made as part of a different set by Bandai.

A KNT board game was confirmed to exist, in fact a couple were recently sold at the online "SPC Shop". The board game is actually 2 different games in one, since you can turn the board over for a different game. We're not exactly sure how the game is played, since the rules are in Japanese and we haven't had a chance to study them yet. This may be worth writing more about later.

Aside from the 2 previously known CDs mentioned on some SPC web pages and this newsletter, there was also a CD single with the KNT theme.

Updated list of Pizza Cats merchandise:
* indicates newly "discovered" items

"Action Figures" of the three cats and the Rescue Team (Francine not
Small soft plastic figures of the main cats and crows sold with candy
A Pizza Parlor playset for the small figures which are included, and has a
working cannon to launch the figures. It includes the cats in their pizza
uniforms and Francine.
Supreme Catatonic with fish gun and sword
Famicom video game
Pocket electronic game
Resin model kits of Pururun, Omitsu, Usa Hime, Otama, and Usa no Tsubone
Collectors cards
Saban's "Powerhouse" comic book sometimes featured SPC
Animation Cels
Halloween masks
The manga by T. Souma
Many different dojin/doujinshi (fan-books)
Two CDs, one with all music, and one has music with a few skits too (all in
*There is also a CD "single" with the "To Be Yourself" ending theme and
possibly beginning theme
The Pizza Cats "movie" Saban made
*Two British tapes of SPC released (source: Manga Mania magazine)
*Yattaro whistle
*KNT board game
*Pizza Cats buttons
Pizza Cats tapes are being auctioned off over eBay and other online bidding
shops for insane prices, sometimes from $40-$50 and on up. Makes you wonder why
Saban doesn't take this as a hint.

Pizza Cats Facts
The "Potted Pig" in "Close Encounters of the Pig Kind" was actually designed by a fan of the show in Japan when the series first played there. His/her design was the winning entry of a contest to design a character to appear in the show.

There's a Tobacco shop (with a misspelled sign) to the right of the Pizza Parlor. Does anyone know what's on the left side of the parlor?

Pizza Cats Fan Art Wanted is still looking for SPC fan art to use in a fan-made book. Everyone who's art is used will get a free copy of the book. Artwork should be in black and white, and you'll have to snail mail a copy of your art or comic strip story. E-mail him for more information if you are interested.

If you have some Pizza Cats art you've made or scanned as computer graphics, and want to share with SPC fans, in color or black and white, the Pizza Cats Fan Art Page ( is always looking for new pictures

This Month's Picture
It's the Big Cheese Action Figure!

Boy, I sure have been a busy bunny! It's a good thing I had help with this issue from Tigress, and Jonas (who didn't know he was writing an article for the newsletter).
Of course, anyone is welcome to write an article for the newsletter, why should I do everything? See you next month!