Saban & the Fox Family Channel
There's been a lot of fuss and rumors going around (some even spread by me when I acted too fast to check for proof) concerning the new Saban owned "Fox Family Channel", and the chances of them showing SPC. It seemed almost a sure thing, because;

1-Saban owns SPC
2-Fox Family Channel has 12 hours a day set aside for "Kid's" programming, a lot of time to have to fill. To say nothing of the programming they still need to provide for Fox Kids.

However, it looks like there are no plans to show SPC when Fox Family Channel starts on August 15. (Tigriss), called Saban's phone number and asked them about Pizza Cats and Fox Family Channel, she was told SPC would not be on. August cable listings do not mention SPC either.

Still, there is some good that can come from this. It will be much easier to get SPC onto Fox Family Channel than it would be to get it on Fox Kids or any other network. Some of the new shows they have (and older ones they plan to recycle there) are bound to do poorly and will need to be replaced. An effort by Pizza Cats fans to let Fox Family Channel know what we want has a good chance for success. It's very likely that, unlike Saban, Fox Family Channel will set up a website and e-mail, which will make it much easier for us to contact them. Be assured that if they do, I will see to it that everyone knows about it!

Now then, there's the matter of this being a cable channel. If you don't have cable, then you better start being nice to one of your friends who does have it, because the chances of SPC returning to regular TV are not good, it's just not a new show anymore. If you do have cable, and you get the Family Channel now (you might not know you have it, because right now it kinda sux, and if you have it, you might not have ever bother watching it) then you are in luck, that channel will become FoxFam when they take over.

What if you have cable, but don't get the Family Channel? Well, don't give up hope, the new FoxFam will be a lot more popular than the old Family Channel, and a lot of cable companies that don't currently carry it will probably add it. You can help push them in the right direction by giving them a call or sending them some mail.

The one good thing that can come out of the show being on cable, is that cable TV is less restricted, so there is a chance we could get to see the 12 episodes not shown in the USA before.

Pizza Cats off again in the UK
I'm sorry to report that SPC, which came on again this summer in the UK, only ran the series through once. It would be nice if they did that every summer, a little SPC is better than none. But for now, I guess it's time for the Pizza Cats fans of the UK to go back to writing in to Fox and Saban, and keep hoping for another summer in Little Tokyo.

A note from Violet
I know that these 2 bits of news; That SPC will not be on Fox Family Channel yet, and that it has gone off the air in the UK, make things look pretty dark and gloomy. But don't lose hope! Our chances to get SPC on Fox Family Channel are much greater than they ever could have been with Fox Kids, Cartoon Network, or anywhere else, and as soon as we get some contact info on them, we'll put the pressure right on them!
And as for the UK, the fact that SPC was brought back at all was great news, and I think it will be back again, especially if the fans there keep letting the right people know they still love the show.
I'm more hopeful than I have been since the show went off the air here almost a year ago! I often tell people "I always get my way eventually." And it's true! The trick is you just keep working at getting what you want until you get it. I want SPC back, and I'm going to get it!

Saban Powerhouse Comic Book's Pizza Cats Story

The first story is called "Too Much Golf in the Kingdom". It's really weird. It's obvious it is no anime because some of the pictures look really strange but overall the drawings are pretty accurate. All the names and characters are accurate. The differences are:
Princess Vi calls the Cats and Speedy answers the phone (Guido is playing golf in the background) I don't know if they will be adding Francine. Al Dente is there, I saw him in a picture but he didn't talk. In the throne room everyone was sitting at a table. And the last difference is that Emperor Fred actually talks, but he still seems pretty stupid.

The story is the latest craze in the kingdom is miniature golf and the Pizza Cats are caught up in it too (well Speedy and Guido are) and there are all these courses popping up. Well, The Big Cheese takes Emperor Fred to a course and tells him he could be in Pro Golf. The Emperor gets all stary eyed and resigns as emperor and gives the Big Cheese the keys to the kingdom. Princess Vi thinks this is unfair so she asks if she could give him a going away party. She calls the Pizza Cats and they come during the party. Bad Bird sends one of the golfing obstacles which came to life after them. It's a big dragon wearing a sombrero. (At the beginning Speedy is playing and it's the same Dragon course and Guido is taunting him on how he's going to loose and of course he misses because the dragon burns the golf ball) The sombrero chases Guido and Polly and they got caught under it so Speedy has to manage himself and he's too chicken. He decides to beat it with a gold club. So he destroys the monster with a golf ball and that's the end.

Polly says her favorite hobby is collecting thumbtacks of the world. :/

I tried to make this the as little of a giveaway as I could but the story isn't very long. But it's still neat to have it.


That's the "Worldwide Pizza Cats Association". That's the first Pizza Cats unofficial fan club organization to show up on the net, for a long time you could join and you'd get a monthly Pizza Cats newsletter (which is where I got the idea for this newsletter). The person in charge was then too busy with school to keep things going, but the WPCA is gearing up to make a comeback, and this newsletter will become the official WPCA newsletter. The WPCA site is currently undergoing remodeling.

The old Samurai Pizza Cats Webring has gotten back running again at a new site, people who linked the webring's graphic from the old site will find a broken link for that picture on their page.
The webring's home page is now at
You can find sample HTML to update your ring logo there if you need it.
The Pizza Cats Fanatics Ring, which was made recently to take the place of the old ring which had been neglected for about a year, is doing quite well, and is very popular with newer pages which weren't around the last time the old webring was being updated. The PCFR will continue to operate despite the old webring coming back, since I have doubts about the old ring's reliability after it's past record. The PCFR page is at
Several new ring graphics are now available.
Other SPC ring are;
The Guido Ring for pages featuring Guido shrines (although they seem flexable on this point)
An SPC IRC ring, for the group of fans who were IRC regulars at the time the ring was made.
And a Pizza Cats Fan Club ring (?) I'm not sure about the name, I've only seen it on a few pages, it apparently never caught on too well.

A few tips for webpage owners about webrings;
In general, 2 webrings are the most you should have on your page, especially if the graphics are slow to load. Some webrings offer smaller graphics for faster loading, but even with those, don't get carried away.
The webrings should be on your main page. Most webrings will link to the page where you have place their logo, so it should be placed where you want people to start their visit to your page. Even if a ring links to your main page, but you have the logo somewhere else, that means a visitor has to go look for it, so you've broken the ring by preventing a smooth system of one page linking to the other.

Pizza Cats Facts

I have some interesting SPC facts for next newsletter. Pointless Sisters is a parody of another group called the Pointer Sisters. (I'm sure everyone knows that, or you've used it before!) And the clothes shop Lucille brings Speedy into in "Speedy's Double Time Trick" is called Neko. Which is Japanese for Cat.
~Polly Ester

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This Month's Picture
A bunch of Ninja Crows and a pay phone?? Yep...

Coming Next Month
A list of all known Pizza Cats products. And it's a bigger list than you might suspect! I was going to use it in this issue, but it's getting a bit big already with all the news. If you know of any Pizza Cats merchandise that you think I might not know about and can add to the list, tell me about it.
Also, a detailed explanation of the origin and meaning of the word "Teyande".