SPC Still Going
I am happy to report that the Pizza Cats are still on TV in at least one place. Trofi, an SPC fan living in Spain has informed me that the cats can now be found on the Fox Kids Channel from Canal Satellite Digital. If you have a satellite dish, you might even be able to pick it up here. Don't ask me how, I don't know anything about satellite dishes, nor what time you should look.

SPC Calendar
The 1999-2000 Pizza Cats Fan Calendar
The Pizza Cats calendar is up and running as of last month. Each month will feature a new picture by a different artist, and it's designed so you can print it out (if you have a decent color printer) and use it.
I'd also like to remind all of you artists who are drawing something for the calendar to be sure to finish on time so Leota and Pzario can do their part and have each month ready.

Pizza Cats Facts
Hogan the Wonder cat (who's name appears in the credits of SPC as "Spiritual Advisor" was a real cat. She belonged to SPC producer Andy Thomas.

In "Kung-Fu Kitty Contest" the Rescue Team countered Big Cheese's cheerleading by dressing up as cheerleaders themselves to cheer for Speedy.

From Tigriss:
In "The Cheese Who Stole Christmas" when the Big Cheese tries to get away
after the Cats knock his sled down, Speedy yells "Not while I can pull out
great props from nowhere!" and throws a sort of metal claw which latches
onto the sled and Speedy uses it to drag Cheese back. The "great prop from
nowhere" is a ninja climbing tool called a "kagi-nawa".

In the KNT version of "A Mission In Manhattan" which is titled "Hello!
Yattaro kaigai e tobu", when Koon no Kami (Big Cheese) and his relatives are
all charging up to explode, they yell "kuyashii!" which means "humiliating!"
Koon no Kami often says this in KNT when he looses, just before he

KNT Music MP3's
from: SPCPolly

Yup. You read that right. Thanks to Purrcat and Issarlk, starting Oct. 2, Polly Ester's Little Shrine http://www.edoropolis.org/spcpolly
, will have KNT Music up on her page. So for people who are fans of Japanese Music, you can now stop by and hear them from you favorite show. They are located in the Sound Gallery. Thanks!

SPC videos on the web
Depressed because you never got around to taping SPC while it was on? Did your little brother tape over your prized SPC tape with Beetle Borgs? Want to see what KNT was like? Well, your in luck, because Jonas Miles' page http://www.geocities.com/jonas_miles has Pizza Cats episodes available for download on Real Video format, including a few KNT episodes. And, if you want to see a few higher quality video clips, the old MPEG archive of the WPCA. (That's the Worldwide Pizza Cats Association, for you newbies)
The "Sickly Obsessed Samurai Pizza Cats Website" http://www.edoropolis.org/sampizzacat has some more real video episodes, as well as many clips of some great scenes from the show.
And SPCLabs2 http://www.edoropolis.org/spclabs2/index.html has 3 episodes: "No Talent Guido", and both parts of the "Great Comet Caper"

Featured Character:
Guru Lou

(Thanks to FDemps5138 for helping)
Japanese name: Nekomata Reikainosuke
Nekomata is a specter in Japan, Reikai is the world after death.
No, this doesn't mean he's supposed to be a ghost, but it gives him a sort of ominous name, sort of like if you had a scientist character in an English cartoon named "Frankenstein".
Likes: Girls, poker
Dislikes: His mother in law, being asked to help, losing
Lou helps the Pizza Cats sometimes, not because he's a "good guy" (his press agent just made that up), but usually to just get them to go away and leave him alone, or, to use to test out his inventions.
He is rumored to be sensitive, creative, has a great sense of humor and is a really smooth dancer...much like Paul Newman (Pizza Cats Are Only Human pt. 2). This rumor is not true.
Since Lou has a mother-in-law, but no wife, we'll have to assume he's divorced or a widower. Some people have suggested that he was married to Momma-San, but there's no evidence that they know each other.
In KNT, Lou is quite a pervert, When he first meets the cats, he jumps over to Pururun and grabs her breasts. This earns him a slap that leaves a big red hand print in his face and sends him into the wall, where Pururun proceeds to give him what's coming to him (that part wasn't cut). In the final episode, he's seen at home reading a "Girlie magazine" when Nyangoking (The Catatonic) flies by. Some of this trait shows up in SPC, like the part in "Big Cheese's IQ corral where he is seen getting drunk at a geshia house, and when he is thinking about how popular his elixir will make him with the girls of Little Tokyo in "Youth is for Exploding".
One of the funniest scenes in KNT that was cut out of SPC involved Lou. When the cats are begging Guru Lou to help them, Speedy grabs Lou's leg while he's begging, and Lou trips and falls into the toilet, his foot catches the plunger, and he flushes himself down!
Lou's greatest contribution to the show was giving the cats the Great Catatonic. Lou takes credit for building the Catatonic, but actually, he only found it. But Lou did create a batch of weapons for the cats to test, none of which worked very well. And, he created an elixir, which he sent to the cats to test on them (in case it was dangerous, he didn't want to try it himself first). Whoever drank the elixir couldn't stop running.
The narrator was afraid that if Guru Lou became a regular character seen in every episode Lou would get a better parking space.

Polly's Little Voting Pagoda
By: SPCPolly
Well, last months poll was "Who do you find to be the most annoying?" and well.. the winner is, (as if ya couldn't guess ;P) The Producers who took it off the air! However, I did not think of that one, a fellow Pizza Cats Fan (who I have no idea since it's all done privately) put that one up and it was a good one too. So nice one whoever put it up. =)
This months poll is ::thinks:: "How many people think Francine/Otama will be a good leader and fighter for the B-Team?". Have fun. Even though it's a simple yes/no thing.. it can still be fun. ;P

This Month's Picture
Bunny Power! The back cover of the "Secret of Pizza Cat" dojin.

That's it for issue #21 of Pizza Cats Review. See you next month!
Hope ya enjoyed this edition. See yas at the next one. =)
~~Polly Ester