A Message from Lil' Polly
Well, pick your station, but since I know about it, I'll pick YTV.

I say we start bugging TV stations to air SPC (if we aren't doing so
already!!) YTV just finished airing the first episode of escaflowne (8 PM
Friday), SMS dub starts Saturday (4 PM _ *shudder* I'm scared) and if
it hasn't started already, Gundam Wing (11:30 PM) starts Monday. Looks
like everyone is catching onto the anime kick and I think that we should
plug SPC to get it back into television stations lineups!!

Now, I don't know much about American TV stations... but I've seen FOX
with some decent anime content (decent as in they're showing it, not
decent as in dubs.. the only decent dub is SPC *encourages everyone to
nod because she is RIGHT*) also Teletoon finally has some anime - CCS,
now they can't give you the "well we don't show anime" excuse - I think
that was an issue in the past. And like I said - for us Canadians, YTV
should be the most logical choice!

So go our faithful SPC supporters! Don't be shy, don't be lazy... WRITE
and tell them to bring SPC back to TV - go with the anime flow ^_~

The most important link you will need:

The Pizza Cats "Bored" Room (A message board for SPC fans to go when they are bored http://pluto.beseen.com/boardroom/a/48560/Date ) Has opened up the "Link-o-rama" where SPC fans can list their Pizza Cats web pages and/or find links to visit.
Stop by and have a look!

Tape Exchange
By DJ Kay C
The European Episode Exchange (EEE) is now operational at
http://www.eee.kids-creations.co.uk. We remind everyone that it can be used
by anyone, as long as the trade only PAL-version tapes. People with NTSC
tapes should go to the SPC Shop - http://members.xoom.com/SPCshop/. At the
moment we have no users, so the Search function shouldn't return any matches
for a few days - please register now if you want to trade PAL tapes!

If you need more info, please take a look at
(As of Oct. 1 the EEE pages are down, but the program is going. Any European, Australia, New Zealander, or other SPC fans who use the PAL video format should contact richard@kids-creations.co.uk if they are interested in trading SPC tapes. -Vi)

For SPC Fans using AOL
Since I use AOL myself, I'm able to take advantage of AOL's mail features which allow me to dress up the newsletter a bit, and add a few more pictures. Unfortunately, there are many different e-mail systems out there and what works on one might not work on another. As a result, I have to make 3 different versions of this newsletter: One without attachments, one "normal version, and the "extra toppings" version for AOL 4.0 or higher. Many of the AOL subscribers to this list signed up back when they still had AOL 3.0 and still get the "normal" newsletter. If you've upgraded since then, drop me a line and switch over to the "Extra Toppings" newsletter, it's no extra trouble for me, since I have to keep making all 3 different newsletters anyway.

This Month's Music (!)
Normally, the newsletter has a picture attached, but this month I'm doing something different. I recently found a Japanese web page with a lot of anime MIDI music files, including 3 for Cat Ninden Teyande (That's the Japanese version of Pizza Cats, for you new people). I'll include the link to the page, http://www.ed.noda.sut.ac.jp/~j7398040/html/list/_list.html ,but, since many people can't read enough Japanese to find the files, or decompress the Japanese "LZH" files when they do find them, I've made a zip file of these 3 MIDIs. These 3 are all "incidental music" from the show, not the themes from the beginning and end (which are already found on several SPC sites).

That's it for now
Thanks for reading the newsletter, see you next month!