SPC 2001 Calendar
By Cinnamon Roll
All 12 months for the calendar have been assigned. If you wanted to sign up but missed your chance, don't worry. You can still contribute something if I decide to add the "bonus section". E-mail me if you think I should do that.
Thanks again to the people who joined!
SPC Calendar 2001 sign-up list as of Friday, November 17, 2000,:
Cover - Cinnamon Roll (cinnamonroll@my-deja.com)
Jan - Expresso Cerviche (expressoneko@hotmail.com)
Feb - GD-kun (gdkun@home.com)
Mar - Violet (prncssvi@aol.com)
Apr - Flash (Flashharp@home.com)
May - Zamiecat (SessionsLucille@compaq.net)
Jun - Pikario (pikario@yahoo.com)
Jul - Good Bird (goodbird@mailcity.com)
Aug - Toshihiro (toshihiro15@hotmail.com)
Sep - Disgruntled PizzaCat (disgruntled_pizzacat@yahoo.com)
Oct - Project Feline (profeline@netzero.net)
Nov - Coffeewombat (coffeewombat@catsrule.garfield.com)
Dec - Jance Mace (jance_123456789@hotmail.com)
All submissions are due 2 weeks before the first day of the assigned month. If you're late, fans are permitted to peg you with rotten fruit, found objects, etc.

E-mail cinnamonroll@my-deja.com if you have any questions not answered here.

SPC returns to UK, briefly...
SPC made a 2 day appearance in November with two episodes on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th as part of Fox Kids UK's "Made in Japan" weekend special. Unfortunately, most SPC fans in England who might have been able to see them didn't find out until it was too late. This is a good sign for UK SPC fans, as it shows Fox Kids UK still have an interest in the show. Fans in the UK should keep an eye out around Christmas as Fox Kids UK has been known to include "The Cheese who stole Christmas" as part of their holiday line up.

Pizza Cats Facts
By Tigriss Tsimsiean
Pururun's method of attracting Ninja Crows into clawing range is called
"(Nyanki Ninpo) Neko Maneki", meaning "Cat Beckoning". Cat statues with
raised paws called Maneki Neko are considered lucky to some, but I guess not
to the unfortunate crows.

The move Yattaro pulls on Karamaru in "Ashita Mo Zettai Nihonbare" ("The Big
Comet Caper" part 2) throwing all the shuriken at him is called "(Nyanki
Ninpo) RISTA [wrist] Shuriken"

Michael [Sundance]'s attack is called "Cat's Eye Shooting", since it's
supposed to be like Yattaro's "Neko Me SURAASHU" ("Cat's Eye Slash"), but
with a gun instead of a sword.

"Rikkishi" is the word for a professional sumo wrestlers, so maybe General
Catton's KNT name--Rikkinoshin--is a pun on that.

The kanji character on the Ninja Crows armor is "ge", meaning "lower in
quality, ranking, or position". No wonder they're so easy to defeat!

Since our next issue will be out around New Year's Day, what New Year's Resolution do you think your favorite SPC characters should make? Send them to me at PrncssVi@aol.com and I'll include them in the next issue.

This Month's Picture
Bad Bird on a rooftop, scanned from an original cel by a Japanese fan.

That's if for our final issue of 2000. But we'll be back for 2001. In the meantime, I hope you all have enjoyable holidays!