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Polly here. Just needed to ask you all a favor. If you would please answer this simple question and send it back to
Polly, I'll appreciate it.
The question is; "What do you like most about the show Samurai Pizza Cats?"

Hi, this is Violet.
This is our 10th issue of Pizza Cats Review! I'd like to remind everyone that just because me & Polly do all the work, that doesn't mean you can't be part of this too. Your articles, ideas, trivia for "Pizza Cats Facts", etc., are all welcome & wanted. We'll even run your ads as long as it's Pizza Cats related.

Survey Results
About 54 people voted, which is under half of the number of subscribers to this list, a lot of people told me that they couldn't pick a favorite character or episode because they liked them all so much. Anyway, here's the results.

Favorite character

1 Polly-Pururun
2 Speedy-Yattaro
3 Guido-Sukashii (
Guido was ahead of Speedy for a while, but the last few votes put Speedy ahead)
4 Francine-Otama
5 Bad Bird-Karamaru }
6 Violet-Usa Hime } 5-6 tied
7 Fred-Iei-Iei Tokagawa
8 Guru Lou-Reikainosuke
9 Jerry-Gennarisai
10 Bat Cat-Mietoru

Favorite Episode (episode# is based on the complete list, which includes un-dubbed KNT episodes, in cases of 2 part episodes, the votes were combined since most people didn't say which of the 2 parts they liked better.)

1 #53 Great Comet Caper (About half the total votes were for this)
2 #25 Gender Bender Butterflies
3 #37 Bad Bird Uncaged
4 #30 No Talent Guido }
5 #7 The Nuclear Potato } 4-5-6 a 3-way tie
6 #36 Youth is for Exploding }
7 #13 The Pizza Cats are Only Human
8 #19Speedy's Double time Trick
9 #26 Cold & Crabby in Little Tokyo }
10 #48 The Cheese who stole Christmas } 9-10 tied

Francine Puzzle
Ian Burry's page has a wonderful little Java program that I think is a lot of fun. Most modren web browsers will support it. It's a little puzzle of Francine where you slide the pieces around to put the picture of Francine back together. Visit Ian's page at Ian's Page, the puzzle is in the "Java" section, and there's a lot of nice fan art to see too!

Polly Art Wanted
Hello guys! Polly here.. again.^^ If you have any fan art of Polly. (Old or new) Please send it to me. When I get a good amount I'm planing on putting them on my page for viewers to see. Thanks!!

Pizza Cats Facts
The 3 statues Big Cheese had made of himself in gold in "Pizza Delivery of Doom" show him as a bodybuilder, a ballerina, and a geisha.

Yard Bird, the ostrich seen in "Case of the Bogus Billionaire" and other episodes, was modeled after "Jackie Joyner-Kersee" {Japanese Reading [jyakkii jyoinaa-kaashiii]}, the Olympic gold medalist. The Japanese name is "CHOINAA NANA GOU" (Choinaa No.7 "Choinaa" rhymes with "jyoinaa").

There are more Pizza Cats web pages now than there were when the show was still on.

Pizza Cats in Isreal
An Israeli fan wrote to White Cat to report that Pizza Cats has been dubbed into Hebrew and was broadcast in Israel. Not as surprising as you might think, since Hiam Saban is originally from Israel.
In the Hebrew version;
The show is called the "Samurai Cats".
Big Cheese is called Gabbon, and is a fox.
Bad Bird's name was literally translated into "Bird of Evil".
Speedy's last name is "Servicho".
Anchovy's first name is never mentioned on the show.

Pizza Cats Episodes that never were
Princess Rabby was going to be in the Japanese version of "Mission to Manhattan" as the American counterpart of Usa Hime (Violet), but was written out because there was no time in the show to include her. (She was in a pic of NYC Pizza Cats characters sent with the newsletter 2 months ago. If you missed it, it's
It is rumored among Japanese fans that in an alternative ending for the series, it was going to be revealed that Otama (Francine) had been funding the Pizza Cats and the Ninja Crows all along, and that the whole thing had just been a game to her. The episode was going to be called "Otama's Great Game". This ending wasn't used in favor of the ending that became "The Great Comet Caper"

Pizza Cats IRC channel
There is a Pizza Cats channel on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
#samuraipizzacats, is mainly the hang out for the old time IRC regulars, like Pzario, White Cat, Leota, Jonas Miles, Boomer, Polly, HeroBoy and others (and sometimes even Princess Vi). Newbies shouldn't get their hopes up too much, conversations here are only rarely actually Pizza Cats related, but there's usually something going on, and Pizza Cats topics are sometimes discussed too.
#samuraipizzacats is on Espernet at irc.dragonfire.net, port 6667.
Also, there is another SPC channel which talks about SPC a little more and is jerk free! -=tee hee=- It is #spc on Espernet at irc.dragonfire.net, port 6667. #spc is controlled more, and only goes into operation when people at #samuraipizzacats are not getting along or someone (almost never a SPC fan, but anyone can get on IRC) is being stupid and others wish to avoid them. It hasn't been needed for a while now.

Pizza Cats Posters & Stuff
The SPC Shop has a small selection of Pizza Cats posters for sale for $10-$5 (US) as well as cels from the show and even an electronic game. (http://members.xoom.com/SPCshop)
A new anime shop in Japan also has Pizza Cats cels for sale, as well as cels and books from other anime. (http://home.att.ne.jp/yellow/wtbfh528/WAS07.html)
Now if only there were some Pizza Cats action figures for sale somewhere....

Samurai Pizza Cats Page!
Multicultural Cats
Samurai Pizza Cat of Japan
Guido Anchovy's Shrine

This Month's Picture
Violet meets the Pointless Sisters.

Hope you enjoyed our 10th issue.