Hello, fellow SPC fans, welcome to the April issue of the AOL SPC Fan Club Newsletter.

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Free Pizza Cats Posters!!

Several people who have written in to Saban asking for them to bring Pizza Cats back to TV have been rewarded not only by knowing they are helping to bring SPC back, but also with a free poster of the cats from Saban! If you've ever tried to find any Pizza Cats merchandise, you'll know it's darn near impossible. But here's something you can get for the price of a stamp! So, if you haven't written in already, now you have another reason to! If you did write in already, but didn't get a poster, write in again and this time ask for one (I had to write twice to get one). But give them a little time first, it can take a few weeks, ( ask for them to bring the show back while you're at it)! And be sure to put your address on your letter.
Saban's address is:
Saban Entertainment, Inc.
10960 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

If you want more info or some help for writing a =gasp= real letter! (Not e-mail, Saban doesn't have an e-mail address we can use) Just stop by Samurai Saving Time and check out the Saban section. Or e-mail me, I'll help you myself if that's what it takes.

Some things I like about "Samurai Pizza Cats"
-By Kei Fox

It's the animation that involves two characters arguing, and then they seem to grow in size, towering over one another, whoever has the offense... (taken from Those Transformin' Felines.)

Pedestrian 1: Speedy, you're mine!

Pedestrian 2: I'm more his type, you pee-wee!

Pedestrian 1: Wake up! Why would a cool guy like him want an overgrown bean pole like you? GIVE IT BACK!!

Pedestrian 2:

Pedestrian 3:
Cartoons were made to make people laugh... And TOO funny is the answer to the show. Great lines and humorous stories make it very worthwhile.

It offers a great chance for new anime lovers to see something that's cute, funny, and is for all ages. Since anime is getting a popularity rise, SPC offers those new to the genre something that is perfectly okay for all. It stands out as a show that all people can enjoy, plus with the furry-mecha genre, it's a great one to just have appreciation for.

Something that makes SPC very worthwhile is considering the rise in popularity of Japanese animation in America. Some of the films are for older audiences, true. But SPC is a program that is beautifully animated, with cute characters. But most importantly, it gives viewers a chance to see anime in a format that is available for all audiences, young and old. SPC is an anime that everyone can enjoy with no worry for older material such as profanity, more intense violence compared to regular American TV programs, and the occasional nudity (even though there's nothing really wrong with it, but the fear that some may get the wrong idea).

In short, SPC is a program that gives everyone a chance to see some good anime and not have to worry about the different customs sometimes shown in foreign television and animated film.

Pizza Cat Facts

From: RoboPuppy
Most people might already know this, but at the end of "The Great Comet Caper 2," the NY Pizza Cats are driving in a jeep to the Pizza Cat's pizza place. They honk first, then they appear coming in. :-)

From: PrncssVi
Francine wears 5 cat bells. One on her neck, one on the end of her tail, and 3 on her dress (pictures of bells at least), 2 in the front, one on the back.

"Pizza Cat's," the name of the pizza shop, is a pun on "Pizza Hut," but there are no Pizza Huts in Japan.

Proof that people who don't like SPC are usually pretty stupid
A True Story
Don't send any hate mail to SalrDiana@aol.com, this was someone else using her account
I was minding my own business one day & I get this IM-
The natural reaction for any SPC fan is to insult the person or not waste any time by responding to them. But I've noticed that most people who tell you they hate SPC are stupid, so I decided to test this.
Notice the typing in all caps, and the excessive use of exclamation marks, an early warning sign that you are dealing with an idiot.

PrncssVi: So? Why are you telling me? I don't IM you to tell you what I hate.
SalrDiana: OKAY I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
Will what? I still don't get that...
PrncssVi: You like Sailor Moon of course, right?
SalrDiana: Duh!!
She probably says that a lot.
PrncssVi: And do you support Save Our Sailors to help get it back on TV?
SalrDiana: I aeen it yesterday on TV.
Oh, she gets to see it, so she just blows off her fellow SM fans who don't...
PrncssVi: Good, glad it's still on somewhere
PrncssVi: My point is, Save Our Sailors supports Pizza Cats, and Pizza Cats fans support SOS, so maybe for the sake of all anime fans who would like more anime on TV here, and less 1970s Hanna Barbarra cartoons, you shouldn't be so down on your fellow anime fans, there are plenty of people more deserving of your anger.
SalrDiana: Okay what ever..KillPIzzaCats
PrncssVi: That's the best you can do?
SalrDiana: No!
**** onour samurais
Naughty word censored by me, this is an all ages newsletter. Obviously, there was no point in trying to reason with someone this dumb, so, time to resort to insults-
PrncssVi: You possess an intellect rivaled only by garden tools.
SalrDiana: What??
Knowing she was outwitted, she signed off without further response.
Note: Most of the Sailor Moon fans I know are nice people. And a lot of them are also SPC fans. SalrDiana is an exception, so don't judge the others by her.

Anime Fans need to work together

As I mentioned in the IM in the above article, the " Save Our Sailors" campaign supports us in our efforts to get Pizza Cats back, and we should support them in return. It's not really a matter of if you are a big Sailor Moon fan or not (nor if the Sailor Moon fans are into Pizza Cats or not). The thing is, both of us (and other anime fans) want something better on TV than old Flintstones reruns and left over cartoons from the 70's. It's shows like Pizza Cats, Sailor Moon, ect that are introducing the American public to a new type of cartoon that doesn't have to be dumbed down for little kids or made to sell a really stupid toy that no one would buy otherwise. There are still plenty of other good anime shows that could be re worked into English and brought to us. And eventually, it could rub off on American animators and they could stop trying to make trash like "Quack Pack" and try something different, like "Swat Kats", a cartoon that proves Americans can make cool toons if they wanted too (Sure, the actual animation is done overseas, but so is the animation for most toons, very little is actually done completely in the US, except commercials). These few anime toons that have made it over here will shape the future of all animation in North America. If they are successful, we can expect to see more like them, if they fail, we can expect to keep getting the same old trash. Big TV studios don't like to try new things, they have to be coaxed into it. Otherwise they're happy re-doing the same old ideas over & over.

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Other Anime

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AOL 4.0 Newsletter

A few of you may already have AOL 4.0 (preview version). For the rest of you, I don't know when it will be out, they keep saying "soon," but they've been saying that since last summer. Anyway, AOL 4.0 allows you to do a lot more with e-mail, which means I can make a nicer newsletter. But you need 4.0 to see it... = P
So, for any of you who have 4.0, starting next month, you can get the 4.0 version of this news letter. But you have to tell me, otherwise you'll just get the normal version.