Learn Japanese with the Pizza Cats

Many people who enjoy Japanese Anime, like the Pizza Cats, will also develop an interest in Japanese culture and language. Perhaps you'd like to watch your favorite anime in it's original Japanese, try reading a Japanese manga or web page, or maybe even go to Japan yourself someday and go on an anime shopping spree!
I've decided to combine 2 things I enjoy; Learning Japanese, and my favorite anime, and create lessons to help you, and myself, learn Japanese in a fun way.

Lesson 1, Introduction to Japanese writing and vocal sounds
Lesson 2, Greetings and Goodbyes
Lesson 3, Please, Thank you, and Excuse me
Lesson 4, Nan des' ka? Question words.
Lesson 5, This and That
Lesson 6, Wa and Ga
Lesson 7, No
Lesson 8, I came, I saw, I ate.
Lesson 9, Yo To Ne
Lesson 10, Sugoi! Some common anime expressions
Lesson 11, Numbers
Lesson 12, Counting
Lesson 13, Time
Lesson 14, Days and Dates
Lesson 15, Review of Lessons 1-14
Lesson 16, Adjectives
Lesson 17, Colors
Lesson 18, Lets go Shopping!
Lesson 19, Some Casual Japanese
Lesson 20, Direction, Part 1
Lesson 21, Yoroshiku o-negai shimas'
Lesson 22, Direction, Part 2