What's Samurai Pizza Cats?

If you somehow found your way to this page without knowing what Samurai Pizza Cats is, then this page is for you.
Basically, it's a very funny show that you should watch, but you can't because its not on the air right now, but if you want to learn more about it, (and you do, or you wouldn't be here), I am going to recommend a few sites for you:

First of all for most of the basic information on what the show's about you should visit the first SPC page which is full of great info, and I also reccomend Jonas Miles' SPC Lair particularly the "Basic Training" and "Who's who" sections.

If you want some first hand experience on SPC, RealVideo episodes are available at SPC LABS 2, and Hero Boy's SPC Web Page.

If you want to see more SPC you can check out the sites on my links page, follow one of the webrings, and of course visit the Samurai Saving Time Page, which is dedicated to getting Samurai Pizza Cats back on the air.