Some SPC Poetry

Here's some stufff I wrote when I had way too much free time. It certainly seemed miscellaneous so I'm putting it here.

First, a not that good poem:
The Pizza Cats have everything
For viewer satisfaction.
It's a very very funny show,
And there's lots of fighting action.
There's plenty of explosions,
And they do heroic deeds.
They've got a catchy theme song too,
What else more do you need?
And now, a limerick about the Big Cheese:
In every show he is showed,
In a dress in a few episodes.
But when the Pizza Cats
Foil this evil rat*,
He gets so mad that he explodes.
*(or fox, whatever...)

And finally, a haiku:
Fa-red Fa-red Fred
Fa-red Fred Fa-red Fa-red
Fred Fa-red Fa-red