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These files are taken from SPC and KNT, if you remember the old site then you'll recal that each episode I had up had audio clips associated with it.  I've put some of them here.  I have audio files stored on Edoropolis (TV) and some on my FTP (Vocal).  The TV files are 11,025 Hz 8 Bit Mono WAV files.  The vocal tracks are 128kbit MP3s.  Enjoy!

Please note:  For the Vocal Tracks - they are on my FTP, please set your retry to 60 seconds or you'll be banned for 10,000 minutes ^^;;

Vocal Tracks TV Tracks
  • Opening Theme (English)
  • 1 min, 30 seconds
  • 1.71MB
  • FTP Accessed
  • Ending Theme (English)
  • Includes "oath"
  • 1 min, 33 seconds
  • 1.78MB
  • FTP Accessed
  • Opening Theme (Japanese)
  • "Otto Dokkoi Nihon Bare"
  • 2 min, 42 seconds
  • 2.47MB
  • FTP Accessed