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Episode 1

Quit Dragon My Cat Around

Episode 2

If You Knew Sushi Like I Knew Sushi

Episode 3

Underground, Underwater, Undercooked

Episode 4

The Great Golden Cluck

Episode 5

Let The Cellar Beware

Episode 6

Singing Samurai Sensai-tion

Episode 7

The Nuclear Potato

Episode 8

Kind Of A Drag

Episode 9

Double Trouble For Princess Vi

Episode 10

Hot & Cold Kitties

Episode 11

Candid Kitty

Episode 12

The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part I)

Episode 13

The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part II)

Episode 14

Those Transforming Felines

Episode 15

The Case Of The Bogus Billionaire

Episode 16

Big Cheese's I.Q. Corral

Episode 17

Field Of Screwballs

Episode 18

Speedy's Double-Time Trick

Episode 19

Samurai Charm School

Episode 20

Drummin' Up Trouble With A Big, Bad Beat

Episode 21

Pizza Bird Delivers!

Episode 22

Big Cheese Shows His Filmy Substance

Episode 23

Son Of Big Cheese

Episode 24

Gender Bender Butterflies!

Episode 25

Pizza Cat Performance Review

Episode 26

Cold And Crabby In Little Tokyo

Episode 27

The Terror Of Prisoner Island

Episode 28

Destructo Robots At Popular Prices

Episode 29

No Talent Guido

Episode 30

All You Need Is Love

Episode 31

Polly's Magical Flute

Episode 42

A Wet And Wild Weekend

Episode 48

The Cheese Who Stole Christmas

Episode 50

The Big Comet Caper (Part I)

Episode 51

The Big Comet Caper (Part II)

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